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   Astragalus leucolobus (Bear Valley milkvetch) 

Broader Terms:
   Astragalus (locoweed species) 

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Common Names: Bear Valley milkvetch

1.  The effect of osteochondral lesion size and ankle joint position on cartilage behavior - numerical and in vitro experimental results.LinkIT
Ramos A, Rocha C, Mesnard M
Medical engineering & physics, 2021

2.  Phylogeny and taxonomy of powdery mildew caused by Erysiphe species on Lupinus hosts.LinkIT
Bradshaw M, Braun U, Götz M, Jurick ?? W
Mycologia, 2021

3.  Are you sure that ankle is just sprained? A review of common ankle conditions, diagnoses and treatment.LinkIT
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Current opinion in pediatrics, 2021

4.  Digital analysis of external fixation area of proximal humerus fractures in elderly patients.LinkIT
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5.  One-stage tibial deformity correction and ankle arthrodesis for ankle osteoarthritis and tibial malalignment after low tibial osteotomy.LinkIT
Tonogai I, Sairyo K
International journal of surgery case reports, 2021

6.  Astragalus membranaceus treatment combined with caloric restriction may enhance genesis factors and decrease apoptosis in the hippocampus of rats.LinkIT
Setel DD, Beker M, Terzioglu-Usak S, Elibol B
Archives of gerontology and geriatrics, 2021

7.  Astragaloside IV Attenuates Ocular Hypertension in a Mouse Model of TGF?2 Induced Primary Open Angle Glaucoma.LinkIT
Kasetti RB, Maddineni P, Kodati B, Nagarajan B, Yacoub S
International journal of molecular sciences, 2021

8.  Molecular Mechanism of Astragaloside IV in Improving Endothelial Dysfunction of Cardiovascular Diseases Mediated by Oxidative Stress.LinkIT
Meng P, Yang R, Jiang F, Guo J, Lu X, Yang T, He Q
Oxidative medicine and cellular longevity, 2021

9.  Anti-inflammatory Effects of a Novel Herbal Extract in the Muscle and Spinal Cord of an Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Animal Model.LinkIT
Lee SH, Cai M, Yang EJ
Frontiers in neuroscience, 2021

10.  A Case of Arthroscopic Treatment of Chondroblastoma-Induced Chondropathy Situated at the Posterior Talus.LinkIT
Yonter SN, Aslan L, Can A, Ogut T
Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association, 2021