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   Acamptopappus (goldenhead) 
   Acanthospermum (starburr) 
   Achillea (yarrow) 
   Achyrachaena (blow wives) 
   Acmella (spotflower) 
   Acourtia (desertpeony) 
   Acroptilon (hardheads) 
   Adenocaulon (trailplant) 
   Adenophyllum (dogweed) 
   Adenostemma (medicineplant) 
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Common Names: sunflowers, aster, daisy family, tournesols

1.  Identification of the metabolites of isochlorogenic acid A in rats by UHPLC-Q-Exactive Orbitrap MS.LinkIT
Gong K, Yang Y, Li K, Zhu L, Zhi X, Cai W
Pharmaceutical biology, 2020

2.  Identification, characterization and functional analysis of AGAMOUS subfamily genes associated with floral organs and seed development in Marigold (Tagetes erecta).LinkIT
Zhang C, Wei L, Wang W, Qi W, Cao Z, Li H, Bao M, He Y
BMC plant biology, 2020

3.  Richness of non-timber forest products in Himalayan communities-diversity, distribution, use pattern and conservation status.LinkIT
Masoodi HUR, Sundriyal RC
Journal of ethnobiology and ethnomedicine, 2020

4.  First Report of Powdery Mildew Caused by Podosphaera fusca on Helianthus tuberosus in China.LinkIT
Pei D, Zhang Q, Guo Y, Wang X, Yu Z
Plant disease, 2020

5.  First Report of Powdery Mildew Caused by Podosphaera xanthii on Ixeris denticulata in China.LinkIT
Wu H, Pan Y, Di R
Plant disease, 2020

6.  Phytochemistry, Traditional Uses and Pharmacological properties of Enhydra fluctuans Lour: A Comprehensive Review.LinkIT
Barua A, Alam MS, Junaid M, Akter Y, Afrose SS, Sharmin T, Akter R, Hosen SMZ
Current pharmaceutical biotechnology, 2020

7.  Two new ent-kaurane glucosides from the fruits of Xanthium strumarium subsp. sibiricum.LinkIT
Yao T, Wang J, Cao S, Liu D, Duan J, Yu Y, Kang N, Qiu F
Natural product research, 2020

8.  Developing a Highly Stable Carlina acaulis Essential Oil Nanoemulsion for Managing Lobesia botrana.LinkIT
Benelli G, Pavoni L, Zeni V, Ricciardi R, Cosci F, Cacopardo G, Gendusa S, Spinozzi E, Petrelli R, Cappellacci L, Maggi F, Pavela R, Bonacucina G, Lucchi A
Nanomaterials (Basel, Switzerland), 2020

9.  Taxonomic revision of the Andean genus Xenophyllum (Compositae, Senecioneae).LinkIT
Calvo J, Moreira-Muñoz A
PhytoKeys, 2020

10.  Seed bank characteristics in a Pinus densata forest and its relationship with vegetation diversity in Southeast Tibet, China.LinkIT
Lu J, Li Z, Gao T, Tang X
Ecology and evolution, 2020