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   Asplenium normale normale 

Broader Terms:
   Asplenium (spleenworts) 

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1.  Bird's nest fern epiphytes facilitate herpetofaunal arboreality and climate refuge in two paleotropic canopies.LinkIT
Seidl CM, Basham EW, Andriamahohatra LR, Scheffers BR
Oecologia, 2020

2.  Integrated taxonomy of the Asplenium normale complex (Aspleniaceae) in China and adjacent areas.LinkIT
Chang Y, Ebihara A, Lu S, Liu H, Schneider H
Journal of plant research, 2018

3.  Allotetraploid cryptic species in Asplenium normale in the Japanese Archipelago, detected by chemotaxonomic and multi-locus genotype approaches.LinkIT
Fujiwara T, Uehara A, Iwashina T, Matsumoto S, Chang YH, Chao YS, Watano Y
American journal of botany, 2017

4.  Genkwanin 4'-O-glucosyl-(1 --> 2)-rhamnoside from new chemotype of Asplenium normale in Japan.LinkIT
Fujiwara T, Uehara A, Kitajima J, Iwashina T, Matsumoto S, Watano Y
Natural product communications, 2014

5.  Apigenin di- and trirhamnoside from Asplenium normale in Malaysia.LinkIT
Iwashina T, Matsumoto S, Kitajima J, Nakamura T, Kokubugata G, Suleiman M, Said IM
Natural product communications, 2010

6.  Flavone glycosides from Asplenium normale.LinkIT
Iwashina T, Matsumoto S, Ozawa K, Akuzawa K
Phytochemistry, 1990