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Broader Terms:
   Ascidiacea (sea squirts) 
   Chordata (Chordate) 
   Tunicata (tunicates) 

More Specific:
   Ascidiacea (ascidians) 
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Polycarpa astromarginata Monniot & Monniot, 2003 - WoRMS latest edits
Polyandrocarpa oligocarpa Millar, 1970 - WoRMS latest edits


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Common Names: ascidians, ascídia, tuniqués sessiles, tuniqués sessiles, sessile tunicates, ascidies, sea squirts, ascídia

1.  Cell Communication-mediated Nonself-Recognition and -Intolerance in Representative Species of the Animal Kingdom.LinkIT
Mueller WA, Rinkevich B
Journal of molecular evolution, 2020

2.  Structure and composition of the tunic in the sea pineapple Halocynthia roretzi: A complex cellulosic composite biomaterial.LinkIT
Song G, Delroisse J, Schoenaers D, Kim H, Nguyen TC, Horbelt N, Leclère P, Hwang DS, Harrington MJ, Flammang P
Acta biomaterialia, 2020

3.  Spawning induction, development and culturing of the solitary ascidian Polycarpa mytiligera, an emerging model for regeneration studies.LinkIT
Gordon T, Roth L, Caicci F, Manni L, Shenkar N
Frontiers in zoology, 2020

4.  Inferring Tunicate Relationships and the Evolution of the Tunicate Hox Cluster with the Genome of Corella inflata.LinkIT
DeBiasse MB, Colgan WN, Harris L, Davidson B, Ryan JF
Genome biology and evolution, 2020

5.  Questions on the taxonomic status of species of Protoholozoa Kott 1969 (Ascidiacea, Aplousobranchia, Holozoidae) with a description of a new genus.LinkIT
Monniot F, Tatián M
Zootaxa, 2020

6.  Advances on the phylogenetic placement of the enigmatic octocoral Dendrobrachia Brook 1889.LinkIT
Aurelle D, Pante E, Ledoux JB, Sartoretto S
Zootaxa, 2019

7.  The Ascidiacea collected during the 2017 British Columbia Hakai MarineGEO BioBlitz.LinkIT
Lambert G
Zootaxa, 2019

8.  A redescription of Syncarpacomposita (Ascidiacea, Stolidobranchia) with an inference of its phylogenetic position within Styelidae.LinkIT
Hasegawa N, Kajihara H
ZooKeys, 2019

9.  Proteomic profiling of ascidians as a tool for biomonitoring marine environments.LinkIT
Kuplik Z, Novak L, Shenkar N
PloS one, 2019

10.  Pyura (Tunicata: Ascidiacea: Pyuridae) on the coasts of Panama.LinkIT
Rocha RM, Counts BK
Zootaxa, 2019