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Broader Terms:
   Sauria (lizards) 
   Squamata (amphisbaenians) 

More Specific:
   Abronia (sand verbena) 
   Anguis (Slow Worms) 
   Barisia (Alligator Lizards) 
   Celestus (galliwasps) 
   Coloptychon (Lateral Fold Lizards) 
   Cordylus (Spinytail Lizards) 
   Dasia (Dasias) 
   Diploglossus (galliwasps) 
   Elgaria (western alligator lizards) 
   Gerrhonotus (Alligator Lizards) 
   Lacerta (Common Eurasian Lizards) 
   Mesaspis (Mexican Alligator Lizards) 
   Ophiodes (South American Worm Lizards) 
   Ophisaurus (glass lizards) 
   Pygopus (Australian Scalyfoots) 
   Sauresia (Sauresias) 
   Scincus (Sand Skinks) 
   Tiliqua (Bluetongue Skink) 
   Wetmorena (Haitian Lizards) 
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Pseudopus apodus
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Common Names: Alligator Lizards, Lateral Fold Lizards, Веретеницевые, anguids, glass lizards, galliwasps, anguid lizards

1.  New fossil lizard specimens from a poorly-known squamate assemblage in the Upper Cretaceous (Campanian) San Juan Basin, New Mexico, USA.LinkIT
Woolley CH, Smith ND, Sertich JJW
PeerJ, 2020

2.  Morphological and ecological divergence in two populations of European glass lizard, Pseudopus apodus (Squamata: Anguidae).LinkIT
Glava? OJ, Po?ani? P, Lovri? V, Dere?anin L, Tadi? Z, Lisi?i? D
Zoological research, 2020

3.  Phylogenetic relationships and divergence dating in the Glass Lizards (Anguinae).LinkIT
Lavin BR, Girman DJ
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, 2019

4.  Novel placental structure in the Mexican gerrhonotine lizard, Mesaspis viridiflava (Lacertilia; Anguidae).LinkIT
Stewart JR, Mendez de la Cruz FR
Journal of morphology, 2019

5.  The skull of the gerrhonotine lizard Elgaria panamintina (Squamata: Anguidae).LinkIT
Ledesma DT, Scarpetta SG
PloS one, 2018

6.  Species limits in the Morelet's Alligator lizard (Anguidae: Gerrhonotinae).LinkIT
Solano-Zavaleta I, Nieto-Montes de Oca A
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, 2018

7.  How common are cranial sesamoids among squamates?LinkIT
Montero R, Daza JD, Bauer AM, Abdala V
Journal of morphology, 2017

8.  Multilocus phylogeny of alligator lizards (Elgaria, Anguidae): Testing mtDNA introgression as the source of discordant molecular phylogenetic hypotheses.LinkIT
Leavitt DH, Marion AB, Hollingsworth BD, Reeder TW
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, 2017

9.  How does a viviparous semifossorial lizard reproduce? Ophiodes intermedius (Squamata: Anguidae) from subtropical climate in the Wet Chaco region of Argentina.LinkIT
Ortiz MA, Boretto JM, Ibargüengoytía NR
Zoology (Jena, Germany), 2017

10.  An annotated type catalogue of the anguid, dibamid, scincid and varanid lizards in the Department of Herpetology, Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, Russia (Reptilia: Sauria: Anguidae, Dibamidae, Scincidae and Varanidae).LinkIT
Barabanov A, Milto K
Zootaxa, 2017