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   Ameiva exsul (Puerto Rican Ameiva) 

Broader Terms:
   Ameiva (ground lizards) 
   Squamata (snakes) 

More Specific:
   Ameiva exsul alboguttata 
   Ameiva exsul desechensis 
   Ameiva exsul exsul 
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Common Names: Puerto Rican Ameiva, Puerto Rican ground lizard, Common Puerto Rican Ameiva

1.  Genomic timetree and historical biogeography of Caribbean island ameiva lizards (Pholidoscelis: Teiidae).LinkIT
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2.  The phylogenetic position of the Critically Endangered Saint Croix ground lizard Ameiva polops: revisiting molecular systematics of West Indian Ameiva.LinkIT
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3.  Mercury bioaccumulation in organisms from three Puerto Rican estuaries.LinkIT
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