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   Agama agama (Common Agama, Rainbow Lizard) 

Broader Terms:
   Agama (Agamas) 

More Specific:
   Agama agama africana 
   Agama agama agama 
   Agama agama boensis 
   Agama agama dodomae 
   Agama agama elgonis 
   Agama agama lionotus 
   Agama agama mucosoensis 
   Agama agama savattieri 
   Agama agama ufipae 
   Agama agama usambarica 
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Agama agama
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Common Names: Red-headed Agama, Common Agama, Rainbow Lizard, Siedleragame, Common Agama

1.  The antitumor activity of CYB-L10, a human topoisomerase IB catalytic inhibitor.LinkIT
Yu Q, Chen Y, Yang H, Zhang HL, Agama K, Pommier Y, An LK
Journal of enzyme inhibition and medicinal chemistry, 2019

2.  Synthesis and biological evaluation of 5-aminoethyl benzophenanthridone derivatives as DNA topoisomerase IB inhibitors.LinkIT
Tang WL, Zhang Y, Hu DX, Yang H, Yu Q, Chen JW, Agama K, Pommier Y, An LK
European journal of medicinal chemistry, 2019

3.  Antibiotic Resistance Profiles of Salmonella Recovered From Finishing Pigs and Slaughter Facilities in Henan, China.LinkIT
Jiang Z, Paudyal N, Xu Y, Deng T, Li F, Pan H, Peng X, He Q, Yue M
Frontiers in microbiology, 2019

4.  Salmonellosis: Serotypes, prevalence and multi-drug resistant profiles of Salmonella enterica in selected poultry farms, Kwara State, North Central Nigeria.LinkIT
Ahmed AO, Raji MA, Mamman PH, Kwanashie CN, Raufu IA, Aremu A, Akorede GJ
The Onderstepoort journal of veterinary research, 2019

5.  High-Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein: A Potential Ancillary Biomarker for Malaria Diagnosis and Morbidity.LinkIT
Addai-Mensah O, Annani-Akollor ME, Fondjo LA, Anto EO, Gyamfi D, Sallah L, Agama D, Djabatey R, Owiredu EW
Disease markers, 2019

6.  Environmental temperature alters the overall digestive energetics and differentially affects dietary protein and lipid use in a lizard.LinkIT
Plasman M, McCue MD, Reynoso VH, Terblanche JS, Clusella-Trullas S
The Journal of experimental biology, 2019

7.  Lizards from suburban areas learn faster to stay safe.LinkIT
Batabyal A, Thaker M
Biology letters, 2019

8.  Male Meiotic Recombination in the Steppe Agama, Trapelus sanguinolentus (Agamidae, Iguania, Reptilia).LinkIT
Lisachov AP, Tishakova KV, Tsepilov YA, Borodin PM
Cytogenetic and genome research, 2019

9.  Genetic variability among Paralaudakia microlepis (Blanford, 1874) (Sauria: Agamidae) populations in the Iranian Plateau.LinkIT
Sanchooli N, Rastegar-Pouyani E, Hosseinian S
Zootaxa, 2018

10.  Hierarchical Bimetallic AgPt Nanoferns as High-Performance Catalysts for Selective Acetone Hydrogenation to Isopropanol.LinkIT
Mawarnis ER, Ali Umar A, Tomitori M, Balouch A, Nurdin M, Muzakkar MZ, Oyama M
ACS omega, 2018