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   Species2000 & ITIS Catalogue of Life: 2007

Fungi (Kingdom)
Basidiomycota (Phylum)
Ustilaginomycetes (Class)
Ustilaginales (Order) [info]
Not assigned (Family)
Endothlaspis (Genus)
Endothlaspis sorghi Sorokin 1890 (Species)
Endothlaspis melicae Sorokin 1890 (Species)
Anthracoideaceae (Family)
Planetella (Genus)
Planetella lironis Savile 1951 (Species)
Anthracoidea (Genus)
Anthracoidea caryophylleae Kukkonen 1963 (Species)
Anthracoidea subinclusa (Krn.) Bref. 1895 (Species)
Anthracoidea scirpi (J. G. Khn) Kukkonen 1963 (Species)
Anthracoidea arenariae (Syd.) Nannf. 1977 (Species)
Anthracoidea pseudirregularis U. Braun 1982 (Species)
Anthracoidea caricis (Pers.) Bref. 1896 (Species)
Anthracoidea heterospora (B. Lindeb.) Kukkonen 1963 (Species)
Anthracoidea karii (Liro) Nannf. 1977 (Species)
Anthracoidea limosa (Syd.) Kukkonen 1963 (Species)
Anthracoidea liroi (Lehtola) Nannf. & B. Lindeb. 1965 (Species)
Anthracoidea capillaris Kukkonen 1963 (Species)
Anthracoidea bigelowii Nannf. 1965 (Species)
Anthracoidea pulicaris Kukkonen 1963 (Species)
Anthracoidea pratensis (Syd.) Boidol & Poelt 1963 (Species)
Anthracoidea paniceae Kukkonen 1963 (Species)
Cintractiaceae (Family)
Cintractia (Genus)
Cintractia limitata G. P. Clinton 1904 (Species)
Cintractia pulverulenta Cooke & Massee 1889 (Species)
Trichocintractia (Genus)
Trichocintractia utriculicola (Henn.) M. Piepenbr. 1995 (Species)
Heterotolyposporium (Genus)
Heterotolyposporium lepidospermatis Vnky 1997 (Species)
Heterotolyposporium piluliforme (Berk.) Vnky 1997 (Species)
Leucocintractia (Genus)
Leucocintractia leucoderma (Berk.) M. Piepenbr. 1996 (Species)
Leucocintractia affinis (Peck) M. Piepenbr. 1996 (Species)
Leucocintractia scleriae (DC.) M. Piepenbr., Begerow & Oberw. 1999 (Species)
Leucocintractia leucodermoides M. Piepenbr. & Begerow 1996 (Species)
Leucocintractia pachyderma (Syd.) M. Piepenbr. 1996 (Species)
Leucocintractia portus-argenti (Cif.) M. Piepenbr. 1996 (Species)
Ustanciosporium (Genus)
Ustanciosporium majus (Desm.) M. Piepenbr. 1996 (Species)
Ustanciosporium gigantosporum (Liro) M. Piepenbr. 1996 (Species)
Tolyposporium (Genus)
Tolyposporium ehrenbergii (J. G. Khn) Pat. 1903 (Species)
Clintamraceae (Family)
Clintamra (Genus)
Clintamra nolinae (G. P. Clinton) Cordas & Durn 1977 (Species)
Farysiaceae (Family)
Farysia (Genus)
Farysia thuemenii (A. A. Fisch. Waldh.) Nannf. 1959 (Species)
Dermatosoraceae (Family)
Dermatosorus (Genus)
Dermatosorus thirumalacharii (Pavgi & B. K. Giri) Vnky 1987 (Species)
Dermatosorus bulbostylidis (Thirum. & Pavgi) Vnky 1987 (Species)
Dermatosorus eleocharidis Sawada ex L. Ling (Species)
Dermatosorus fimbristylidis (Thirum. & Naras.) Langdon 1977 (Species)
Dermatosorus cyperi Vnky 1995 (Species)
Glomosporiaceae (Family)
Thecaphorella (Genus)
Thecaphorella antherarum (Oudem.) H. Scholz & I. Scholz 1988 (Species)
Sorosporium (Genus)
Sorosporium indicum Mundk. 1942 (Species)
Sorosporium heteropogonicola Mundk. & Thirum. 1951 (Species)
Sorosporium saponariae F. Rudolphi 1829 (Species)
Tothiella (Genus)
Tothiella thlaspeos (Beck) Vnky 1999 (Species)
Thecaphora (Genus)
Thecaphora lathyri J. G. Khn 1873 (Species)
Thecaphora trailii Cooke 1883 (Species)
Thecaphora solani Barrus 1944 (Species)
Thecaphora deformans Durieu & Mont. 1847 (Species)
Thecaphora seminis-convolvuli (Duby) Liro 1935 (Species)
Geminaginaceae (Family)
Geminago (Genus)
Geminago nonveilleri (Zambett. & Foko) Vnky & R. Bauer 1996 (Species)
Websdaneaceae (Family)
Websdanea (Genus)
Websdanea lyginiae (Websdane, Sivasith., K. W. Dixon & Pate) Vnky 1997 (Species)
Ustilaginaceae (Family)
Juliohirschhornia (Genus)
Juliohirschhornia linderi (Hirschh.) Hirschh. 1986 (Species)
Kuntzeomyces (Genus)
Kuntzeomyces ustilaginoideus (Henn.) Sacc. 1899 (Species)
Farysporium (Genus)
Farysporium endotrichum (Berk.) Vnky 1999 (Species)
Rhombiella (Genus)
Rhombiella cardamines Liro 1939 (Species)
Cintractiella (Genus)
Cintractiella lamii Boedijn 1937 (Species)
Franzpetrakia (Genus)
Franzpetrakia okudairae (Miyabe) L. Guo, Vnky & Mordue 1990 (Species)
Franzpetrakia microstegii Thirum. & Pavgi 1957 (Species)
Moesziomyces (Genus)
Moesziomyces bullatus (J. Schrt.) Vnky 1977 (Species)
Orphanomyces (Genus)
Orphanomyces vankyi Savile 1974 (Species)
Orphanomyces arcticus (Rostr.) Savile 1974 (Species)
Orphanomyces hungaricus Vnky & M. Gnczl 1978 (Species)
Pseudozyma (Genus)
Pseudozyma prolifica Bandoni 1985 (Species)
Pseudozyma flocculosa (Traquair, L. A. Shaw & Jarvis) Boekhout & Traquair 1995 (Species)
Pseudozyma aphidis (Henninger & Windisch) Boekhout 1995 (Species)
Pseudozyma antarctica (Goto, Sugiy. & Iizuka) Boekhout 1995 (Species)
Pseudozyma tsukubaensis (Onishi) Boekhout 1995 (Species)
Pseudozyma fusiformata (Buhagiar) Boekhout 1995 (Species)
Pseudozyma rugulosa (Traquair, L. A. Shaw & Jarvis) Boekhout & Traquair 1995 (Species)
Macalpinomyces (Genus)
Macalpinomyces tristachyae Vnky & C. Vnky 1997 (Species)
Macalpinomyces eragrostiellae Vnky & C. Vnky 1996 (Species)
Macalpinomyces chrysopogonis (S. Ahmad) Vnky 1997 (Species)
Macalpinomyces eriachnes (Thm.) Langdon & Full. 1977 (Species)
Macalpinomyces zonotriches Vnky 1996 (Species)
Macalpinomyces tripogonis (M. S. Patil) Vnky 1996 (Species)
Macalpinomyces sharmae Vnky 1995 (Species)
Macalpinomyces tanakae (S. Ito) Vnky 1998 (Species)
Macalpinomyces loudetiae (Vienn. -Bourg.) Vnky 1997 (Species)
Macalpinomyces effusus (Syd. & P. Syd.) Vnky 1997 (Species)
Macalpinomyces trichopterygis Vnky & C. Vnky 1997 (Species)
Macalpinomyces nigritanae Vnky 1997 (Species)
Stegocintractia (Genus)
Stegocintractia luzulae (Sacc.) M. Piepenbr., Begerow & Oberw. 1999 (Species)
Stegocintractia hyperborea (A. Blytt) M. Piepenbr. 1996 (Species)
Stegocintractia lidii (Liro) M. Piepenbr. 1996 (Species)
Stegocintractia junci (Schwein.) M. Piepenbr. 1996 (Species)
Stegocintractia spadicea (Liro) M. Piepenbr. & Begerow 1996 (Species)
Restiosporium (Genus)
Restiosporium leptocarpi (Berk.) Vnky 2000 (Species)
Restiosporium restionum (Nees) Vnky 2000 (Species)
Restiosporium lepidoboli (McAlpine) Vnky 2000 (Species)
Restiosporium meneyae Vnky 2000 (Species)
Sporisorium (Genus)
Sporisorium ophiuri (Henn.) Vnky 1986 (Species)
Sporisorium puellare (Syd. & P. Syd.) G. Deml 1988 (Species)
Sporisorium cruentum (J. G. Khn) Vnky 1985 (Species)
Sporisorium sorghi Ehrenb. ex Link 1825 (Species)
Sporisorium themedae-arguentis Vnky 1994 (Species)
Sporisorium lepturi (Thm.) Vnky 1991 (Species)
Ustilago (Genus)
Ustilago vaillantii Tul. & C. Tul. 1847 (Species)
Ustilago cardui A. A. Fisch. Waldh. 1867 (Species)
Ustilago crus-galli Tracy & Earle 1895 (Species)
Ustilago trichophora (Link) Kunze (Species)
Ustilago utriculosa (Nees) Tul. & C. Tul. 1847 (Species)
Ustilago longissima (Sowerby) Tul. & C. Tul. 1847 (Species)
Ustilago longissima var. macrospora Davis (Infraspecies)
Ustilago longissima var. longissima (Sowerby) Tul. & C. Tul. 1847 (Infraspecies)
Ustilago parlatorei A. A. Fisch. Waldh. 1876 (Species)
Ustilago succisae Magnus 1875 (Species)
Ustilago pinguiculae Rostr. 1890 (Species)
Ustilago pustulata (DC.) G. Winter 1880 (Species)
Ustilago maydis (DC.) Corda 1842 (Species)
Ustilago marina Durieu 1886 (Species)
Ustilago affinis Ellis & Everh. 1893 (Species)
Ustilago sphaerogena Burrill 1888 (Species)
Ustilago bullata Berk. 1855 (Species)
Ustilago flosculorum (DC.) Fr. 1832 (Species)
Ustilago crameri Krn. 1874 (Species)
Ustilago heufleri Fuckel 1870 (Species)
Ustilago striiformis (Westend.) Niessl 1876 (Species)
Ustilago tragopogonis-pratensis (Pers.) Roussel 1806 (Species)
Ustilago echinata J. Schrt. 1869 (Species)
Ustilago tritici (Pers.) C. N. Jensen, Kellerm. & Swingle (Species)
Ustilago grandis Fr. 1832 (Species)
Ustilago serena Syd. 1937 (Species)
Ustilago anomala J. Kunze ex G. Winter 1877 (Species)
Ustilago bistortarum (DC.) Krn. 1877 (Species)
Ustilago avenae (Pers.) Rostr. 1890 (Species)
Ustilago avenae avenae Boerema & Verh. 1890 (Infraspecies)
Ustilago filiformis (Schrank) Rostr. 1890 (Species)
Ustilago vinosa (Berk.) Tul. & C. Tul. 1847 (Species)
Ustilago duriaeana Tul. & C. Tul. 1847 (Species)
Ustilago intermedia J. Schrt. 1877 (Species)
Ustilago hordei (Pers.) Lagerh. 1889 (Species)
Ustilago kuehneana R. Wolff 1874 (Species)
Ustilago hypodytes (Schltdl.) Fr. 1832 (Species)
Ustilago cynodontis (Pass.) Henn. 1893 (Species)
Ustilago scitaminea Syd. 1924 (Species)
Ustilago stygia Liro 1924 (Species)
Ustilago serpens (P. Karst.) B. Lindeb. 1959 (Species)
Ustilago cordae Liro 1924 (Species)
Ustilago triodiae Vnky 1997 (Species)
Schizonella (Genus)
Schizonella melanogramma (DC.) J. Schrt. 1877 (Species)
Schizonella cocconi (Morini) Liro 1938 (Species)
Melanopsichiaceae (Family)
Melanopsichium (Genus)
Melanopsichium nepalense (Liro) Zundel 1953 (Species)
Melanopsichium eleusinis (C. R. Kulk.) Mundk. & Thirum. 1946 (Species)

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