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   Species2000 & ITIS Catalogue of Life: 2007

Fungi (Kingdom)
Chytridiomycota (Phylum)
Chytridiomycetes (Class)
Chytridiales (Order) [info]
Not assigned (Family)
Achlyella (Genus)
Achlyella flahaultii Lagerh. 1890 (Species)
Coralliochytrium (Genus)
Coralliochytrium scherffelii Domjn 1936 (Species)
Septolpidium (Genus)
Septolpidium lineare Sparrow 1933 (Species)
Rhizosiphon (Genus)
Rhizosiphon akinetum Canter 1954 (Species)
Rhizosiphon crassum Scherff. 1926 (Species)
Myiophagus (Genus)
Myiophagus ucrainicus Thaxt. ex Sparrow 1939 (Species)
Batrachochytrium (Genus)
Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis Longcore, Pessier & D. K. Nichols 1999 (Species)
Asterophlyctis (Genus)
Asterophlyctis sarcoptoides H. E. Petersen 1903 (Species)
Chytridiopsis (Genus)
Chytridiopsis hahnii Jrovec 1940 (Species)
Chytridiopsis limnodrili Jrovec 1940 (Species)
Chytridiaceae (Family)
Polyphlyctis (Genus)
Polyphlyctis cystofera (Willoughby) A. Batko (Species)
Polyphlyctis unispina (R. A. Paterson) Karling 1968 (Species)
Obelidium (Genus)
Obelidium mucronatum Nowak. 1877 (Species)
Obelidium megarhizum Willoughby 1961 (Species)
Obelidium hamatum Sparrow 1937 (Species)
Dangeardia (Genus)
Dangeardia mamillata Schrd. 1898 (Species)
Rhizidium (Genus)
Rhizidium richmondense Willoughby 1956 (Species)
Rhopalophlyctis (Genus)
Rhopalophlyctis sarcoptoides Karling 1945 (Species)
Pseudopileum (Genus)
Pseudopileum unum Canter 1963 (Species)
Amphicypellus (Genus)
Amphicypellus elegans Ingold 1944 (Species)
Loborhiza (Genus)
Loborhiza metzneri A. M. Hanson 1944 (Species)
Phlyctorhiza (Genus)
Phlyctorhiza peltata Sparrow 1950 (Species)
Phlyctorhiza variabilis Karling 1947 (Species)
Phlyctidium (Genus)
Phlyctidium apophysatum Canter 1947 (Species)
Siphonaria (Genus)
Siphonaria variabilis H. E. Petersen 1909 (Species)
Siphonaria petersenii Karling 1945 (Species)
Siphonaria sparrowii Karling 1945 (Species)
Sporophlyctidium (Genus)
Sporophlyctidium africanum Sparrow 1933 (Species)
Sporophlyctidium neustonicum Sparrow 1978 (Species)
Chytriomyces (Genus)
Chytriomyces poculatus Willoughby & Townley 1961 (Species)
Chytriomyces aureus Karling 1945 (Species)
Chytriomyces appendiculatus Karling 1947 (Species)
Chytriomyces hyalinus Karling 1945 (Species)
Chytriomyces heliozoicola Canter 1966 (Species)
Cylindrochytridium (Genus)
Cylindrochytridium johnstonii Karling 1941 (Species)
Cylindrochytridium endobioticum Willoughby 1964 (Species)
Karlingiomyces (Genus)
Karlingiomyces asterocystis (Karling) Sparrow 1960 (Species)
Karlingiomyces dubius (Karling) Sparrow 1960 (Species)
Karlingiomyces exo-operculatus (Karling) W.H. Blackw., Letcher & M.J. Powell 2004 (Species)
Karlingiomyces lobatus (Karling) Sparrow 1960 (Species)
Karlingiomyces granulatus (Karling) Sparrow 1960 (Species)
Karlingiomyces curvispinosus (Karling) Sparrow 1960 (Species)
Karlingiomyces marilandicus (Karling) Sparrow 1960 (Species)
Rhizoclosmatium (Genus)
Rhizoclosmatium marinum Kobayasi & M. kubo 1954 (Species)
Rhizoclosmatium globosum H. E. Petersen 1909 (Species)
Rhizoclosmatium aurantiacum Sparrow 1937 (Species)
Rhizoclosmatium hyalinum Karling 1968 (Species)
Phlyctochytrium (Genus)
Phlyctochytrium planicorne G. F. Atk. 1909 (Species)
Phlyctochytrium semiglobiferum Uebelm. 1956 (Species)
Phlyctochytrium africanum A. Gaertn. 1954 (Species)
Phlyctochytrium acuminatum D. J. S. Barr 1969 (Species)
Phlyctochytrium arcticum D. J. S. Barr 1970 (Species)
Phlyctochytrium aureliae Ajello 1945 (Species)
Phlyctochytrium palustre A. Gaertn. 1954 (Species)
Phlyctochytrium reinboldtiae Persiel 1959 (Species)
Phlyctochytrium irregulare W. J. Koch 1957 (Species)
Phlyctochytrium unispinum R. A. Paterson 1956 (Species)
Phlyctochytrium californicum D. J. S. Barr 1969 (Species)
Phlyctochytrium plurigibbosum D. J. S. Barr 1969 (Species)
Polyphagus (Genus)
Polyphagus laevis A. F. Bartsch 1945 (Species)
Polyphagus euglenae (Bail) J. Schrt. 1877 (Species)
Polyphagus serpentinus Canter 1963 (Species)
Sparrowia (Genus)
Sparrowia subcruciformis Dogma 1971 (Species)
Sparrowia parasitica Willoughby 1963 (Species)
Zygorhizidium (Genus)
Zygorhizidium parallelosede Canter 1954 (Species)
Zygorhizidium planktonicum Canter 1967 (Species)
Zygorhizidium cystogenum Canter 1963 (Species)
Zygorhizidium chlorophycidis Canter 1963 (Species)
Zygorhizidium affluens Canter 1969 (Species)
Sporophlyctis (Genus)
Sporophlyctis rostrata Serbinow 1907 (Species)
Sporophlyctis chinensis Sparrow 1960 (Species)
Septosperma (Genus)
Septosperma multiforme Canter 1963 (Species)
Septosperma rhizophydii Whiffen ex W. H. Blackw. & M. J. Powell 1991 (Species)
Podochytrium (Genus)
Podochytrium chitinophilum Willoughby 1961 (Species)
Podochytrium clavatum Pfitzer 1870 (Species)
Rhizophydium (Genus)
Rhizophydium sphaerotheca Zopf 1887 (Species)
Rhizophydium androdioctes Canter 1971 (Species)
Rhizophydium biporosum (Couch) D. J. S. Barr 1973 (Species)
Rhizophydium keratinophilum Karling 1946 (Species)
Rhizophydium graminis Ledingham 1936 (Species)
Rhizophydium uniguttulum Canter 1954 (Species)
Rhizophydium hyperparasiticum Karling 1946 (Species)
Rhizophydium littoreum Amon 1984 (Species)
Rhizophydium constantineani Sacc. 1905 (Species)
Rhizophydium carpophilum Zopf 1885 (Species)
Rhizophydium globosum (A. Braun) J. Schrt. 1886 (Species)
Rhizophydium gibbosum (Zopf) A. Fisch. 1891 (Species)
Rhizophydium chaetiferum Sparrow 1937 (Species)
Rhizophydium chlorogonii (Serbinow) Jacz. 1931 (Species)
Rhizophydium granulosporum Scherff. 1925 (Species)
Rhizophydium planktonicum Canter 1948 (Species)
Rhizophydium oblongum Canter 1954 (Species)
Rhizophydium difficile Canter 1954 (Species)
Rhizophydium stipitatum Sparrow 1957 (Species)
Rhizophydium patellarium Erh. Scholz 1958 (Species)
Rhizophydium contractophilum Canter 1959 (Species)
Rhizophydium ubiquetum Canter 1961 (Species)
Rhizophydium nobile Canter & A. Lund 1968 (Species)
Rhizophydium fugax Canter 1968 (Species)
Rhizophydium capillaceum D. J. S. Barr 1969 (Species)
Rhizophydium venustum Canter 1963 (Species)
Rhizophydium sphaerocarpum (Zopf) A. Fisch. (Species)
Rhizophydium sphaerocarpum var. spirogyrae D. J. S. Barr 1970 (Infraspecies)
Rhizophydium pollinis-pini (A. Braun) Zopf 1887 (Species)
Chytridium (Genus)
Chytridium lagenula A. Braun 1855 (Species)
Chytridium coleochaetes Nowak. 1877 (Species)
Chytridium suburceolatum Willoughby 1956 (Species)
Chytridium parasiticum Willoughby 1956 (Species)
Chytridium isthmiophilum Canter 1960 (Species)
Chytridium confervae (Wille) Minden (Species)
Chytridium mallomonadis Fott (Species)
Cladochytriaceae (Family)
Amoebochytrium (Genus)
Amoebochytrium rhizidioides Zopf 1884 (Species)
Megachytrium (Genus)
Megachytrium westonii Sparrow 1931 (Species)
Physocladia (Genus)
Physocladia obscura (Sparrow) Sparrow 1932 (Species)
Nowakowskiella (Genus)
Nowakowskiella elegans (Nowak.) J. Schrt. 1893 (Species)
Nowakowskiella hemisphaerospora Shanor 1942 (Species)
Nowakowskiella delica Whiffen 1943 (Species)
Nowakowskiella profusa Karling 1941 (Species)
Lacustromyces (Genus)
Lacustromyces hiemalis Longcore 1993 (Species)
Cladochytrium (Genus)
Cladochytrium tenue Nowak. 1877 (Species)
Cladochytrium replicatum Karling 1931 (Species)
Cladochytrium aurantiacum M. Richards 1956 (Species)
Cladochytrium menyanthis (de Bary) de Bary (Species)
Endochytriaceae (Family)
Mitochytridium (Genus)
Mitochytridium regale Hassan 1986 (Species)
Mitochytridium ramosum P. A. Dang. 1911 (Species)
Canteria (Genus)
Canteria apophysata (Canter) Karling 1971 (Species)
Catenochytridium (Genus)
Catenochytridium hemicysti J. S. Knox 1987 (Species)
Catenochytridium kevorkianii Sparrow 1952 (Species)
Catenochytridium laterale A. M. Hanson 1944 (Species)
Catenochytridium oahuense Sparrow 1965 (Species)
Catenochytridium marinum (Kobayasi & M. kubo) Karling (Species)
Catenochytridium carolinianum Berdan 1939 (Species)
Endocoenobium (Genus)
Endocoenobium eudorinae Ingold 1940 (Species)
Truittella (Genus)
Truittella setifera Karling 1949 (Species)
Allochytridium (Genus)
Allochytridium luteum D. J. S. Barr & Dsauln. 1987 (Species)
Allochytridium expandens Salkin 1970 (Species)
Nephrochytrium (Genus)
Nephrochytrium aurantium Whiffen 1941 (Species)
Nephrochytrium complicatum Willoughby 1961 (Species)
Nephrochytrium buttermerense Willoughby 1961 (Species)
Endochytrium (Genus)
Endochytrium multiguttulatum Dogma 1969 (Species)
Endochytrium operculatum (De Wild.) Karling 1937 (Species)
Endochytrium ramosum Sparrow 1933 (Species)
Endochytrium oophilum Sparrow 1933 (Species)
Endochytrium digitatum Karling 1938 (Species)
Endochytrium pseudodistomum (Domjn) Karling 1941 (Species)
Endochytrium cystarum Dogma 1969 (Species)
Entophlyctis (Genus)
Entophlyctis molesta Canter 1965 (Species)
Entophlyctis bulligera (Zopf) A. Fisch. 1891 (Species)
Entophlyctis confervae-glomeratae (Cienk.) Sparrow 1943 (Species)
Entophlyctis lobata Willoughby & Townley 1961 (Species)
Entophlyctis cienkowskiana (Zopf) A. Fisch. (Species)
Diplophlyctis (Genus)
Diplophlyctis sarcoptoides (H. E. Petersen) Dogma 1974 (Species)
Diplophlyctis sexualis Haskins 1950 (Species)
Diplophlyctis verrucosa Kobayasi & M. kubo 1954 (Species)
Diplophlyctis nephrochytrioides Karling 1968 (Species)
Diplophlyctis laevis Sparrow 1937 (Species)
Diplophlyctis complicata (Willoughby) Dogma 1974 (Species)
Diplophlyctis asteroidea Dogma 1976 (Species)
Diplophlyctis versiformis Dogma 1976 (Species)
Diplophlyctis amazonensis (Karling) Sparrow 1960 (Species)
Diplophlyctis chitinophila Willoughby 1962 (Species)
Diplophlyctis buttermerensis (Willoughby) Dogma 1969 (Species)
Diplophlyctis intestina (Schenk) J. Schrt. 1892 (Species)
Harpochytriaceae (Family)
Harpochytrium (Genus)
Harpochytrium intermedium G.F. Atk. 1903 (Species)
Harpochytrium hyalothecae Lagerh. 1890 (Species)
Harpochytrium hedenii Wille 1900 (Species)
Synchytriaceae (Family)
Johnkarlingia (Genus)
Johnkarlingia brassicae S. L. Singh & Pavgi 1979 (Species)
Endodesmidium (Genus)
Endodesmidium formosum Canter 1949 (Species)
Carpenterella (Genus)
Carpenterella cannae Mundk. & Thirum. 1951 (Species)
Carpenterella molinea Tehon & H. A. Harris 1941 (Species)
Synchytrium (Genus)
Synchytrium succisae de Bary & Woronin 1863 (Species)
Synchytrium stellariae Fuckel 1870 (Species)
Synchytrium taraxaci de Bary & Woronin 1863 (Species)
Synchytrium aureum J. Schrt. 1870 (Species)
Synchytrium mercurialis (Lib.) Fuckel 1870 (Species)
Synchytrium anemones (DC.) Woronin 1868 (Species)
Synchytrium psophocarpi (Racib.) Gum. 1927 (Species)
Synchytrium erieum Karling 1962 (Species)
Synchytrium endobioticum (Schilb.) Percival 1909 (Species)

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