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   Unified Biological Taxonomy

Viruses (Kingdom) [info]
Subviral DNA (Phylum)
ssDNA (Class)
Satellites (Order)
Satellite Nucleic Acids (Family)
Satellite ssDNA (Genus)
Tomato leaf curl virus satellite DNA (Species)
DNA (Phylum)
dsDNA (Class)
Caudovirales (Order)
Siphoviridae (Family)
fC31-like Viruses (Genus)
N15-like viruses (Genus)
c2-like viruses (Genus)
Lactococcus phage c6A (Species)
Lactococcus phage P001 (Species)
l-like viruses (Genus)
?-like Viruses (Genus)
Enterobacteria phage PA-2 (Species)
Podoviridae (Family)
f29-like viruses (Genus)
Bacillus phage B103 (Species)
Bacillus phage M2 (Species)
Bacillus phage SF5 (Species)
Bacillus phage Nf (Species)
Staphylococcus phage 44AHJD (Species)
Myoviridae (Family)
PBS1-like Viruses (Genus)
fH-like viruses (Genus)
c dsDNA (Class)
ssDNA (Class)
RNA (Phylum)
ssRNA (Class)
Positive ssRNA Nidovirales (Order)
Roniviridae (Family)
Okavirus (Genus)
Coronaviridae (Family)
Coronavirus (Genus)
Torovirus (Genus)
Arteriviridae (Family)
Arterivirus (Genus)
Positive ssRNA (naked RNA) (Order)
Narnaviridae (Family)
Narnavirus (Genus)
Mitovirus (Genus)
Negative ssRNA Mononegavirales (Order)
Rhabdoviridae (Family)
Vesiculovirus (Genus)
Lyssavirus (Genus)
Ephemerovirus (Genus)
Novirhabdovirus (Genus)
Cytorhabdovirus (Genus)
Nucleorhabdovirus (Genus)
Paramyxoviridae (Family)
Rubulavirus (Genus)
Avulavirus (Genus)
Respirovirus (Genus)
Henipavirus (Genus)
Morbillivirus (Genus)
Edmonston virus (Species)
Pneumovirus (Genus)
Metapneumovirus (Genus)
Filoviridae (Family)
Marburgvirus (Genus)
Ebolavirus (Genus)
Bornaviridae (Family)
Bornavirus (Genus)
dsRNA (Class)
Subviral RNA (Phylum)
Unencapsidated ssRNA (Class)
Viroids (Order)
Pospiviroidae (Family)
Coleviroid (Genus)
Apscaviroid (Genus)
Cocadviroid (Genus)
Hostuviroid (Genus)
Pospiviroid (Genus)
Avsunviroidae (Family)
Pelamoviroid (Genus)
Avsunviroid (Genus)
ssRNA (Class)
Satellites (Order)
Satellite Virus (Family)
Tobacco necrosis satellite virus-like (Genus)
Maize white line mosaic satellite virus (Species)
Tobacco necrosis satellite virus (Species)
tobacco mosaic satellite virus (Species)
Panicum mosaic satellite virus (Species)
Chronic bee-paralysis associated satellite virus (Genus)
Chronic bee-paralysis satellite virus (Species)
Satellite Nucleic Acids (Family)
circular ssRNA satellites (Genus)
Subterranean clover mottle virus satellite RNA (Species)
Solanum nodiflorum mottle virus satellite RNA (Species)
Lucerne transient streak virus satellite RNA (Species)
Chicory yellow mottle virus satellite RNA (Species)
Cereal yellow dwarf virus-RPV satellite RNA (Species)
Arabis mosaic virus small satellite RNA (Species)
Small ssRNA satellites (Genus)
Turnip crinkle virus satellite RNA (Species)
Tomato bushy stunt virus satellite RNA (Species)
Peanut stunt virus satellite RNA (Species)
Pea enation mosaic virus satellite RNA (Species)
Panicum mosaic virus satellite RNA (Species)
Groundnut rosette virus satellite RNA (Species)
Cymbidium ringspot virus satellite RNA (Species)
Cucumber mosaic virus satellite RNA (Species)
Large ssRNA satellites (Genus)
Strawberry latent ringspot virus satellite RNA (Species)
Grapevine fanleaf virus satellite RNA (Species)
Chicory yellow mottle virus large satellite RNA (Species)
Bamboo mosaic virus satellite RNA (Species)
Arabis mosaic virus large satellite RNA (Species)
Negative-sense ssRNA (Class)
Virusoids (Order)
dsRNA (Class)
Satellites (Order)
Satellite Nucleic Acids (Family)
dsRNA satellites (Genus)
Subviral Protein (Phylum)
No nucleic acid (Class)
Prions (Order)
Mammalian Prions (Family)
Agents of Spongiform Encephalopathies (Genus)
Fungal Prions (Family)
[BETA] prion (Genus)
[PIN] prion (Genus)
[Het-s] prion (Genus)
[PSI] prion (Genus)
[URE3] prion (Genus)

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