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   Species2000 & ITIS Catalogue of Life: 2007

Fungi (Kingdom)
Basidiomycota (Phylum)
Urediniomycetes (Class)
Uredinales (Order)
Pucciniaceae (Family)
Puccinia (Genus) [info]
Puccinia saxifragae Schltdl. 1824 (Species)
Puccinia fergussonii Berk. & Broome 1875 (Species)
Puccinia vincae (DC.) Plowr. 1836 (Species)
Puccinia scorzonerae (Schumach.) Jacky 1899 (Species)
Puccinia difformis Kunze 1817 (Species)
Puccinia melanocephala Syd. & P. Syd. 1907 (Species)
Puccinia coronata Corda 1837 (Species)
Puccinia coronata var. avenae W. P. Fraser & Ledingham 1933 (Infraspecies)
Puccinia moliniae Tul. 1854 (Species)
Puccinia angelicae (Schumach.) Fuckel 1870 (Species)
Puccinia recondita Dietel & Holw. 1857 (Species)
Puccinia recondita agrostidis D. M. Hend. 1961 (Infraspecies)
Puccinia albulensis Magnus 1890 (Species)
Puccinia allii (DC.) F. Rudolphi 1829 (Species)
Puccinia allii Castagne (Species)
Puccinia gentianae (F. Strauss) Link 1813 (Species)
Puccinia hysterium Rhl. 1813 (Species)
Puccinia obscura J. Schrt. 1877 (Species)
Puccinia mariana Sacc. 1915 (Species)
Puccinia pittieriana Henn. 1904 (Species)
Puccinia calcitrapae DC. 1805 (Species)
Puccinia chrysanthemi Roze 1900 (Species)
Puccinia tanaceti DC. 1805 (Species)
Puccinia glechomatis DC. 1808 (Species)
Puccinia calthae Link 1825 (Species)
Puccinia glomerata Grev. 1837 (Species)
Puccinia pulverulenta Grev. 1824 (Species)
Puccinia punctata Link 1815 (Species)
Puccinia uliginosa Juel 1894 (Species)
Puccinia carthami Corda 1840 (Species)
Puccinia hemerocallidis Thm. 1880 (Species)
Puccinia bupleuri (Opiz) F. Rudolphi 1829 (Species)
Puccinia nitida Barclay 1891 (Species)
Puccinia verruca Thm. 1879 (Species)
Puccinia graminis Pers. 1794 (Species)
Puccinia graminis oryzae Gonz. Frag. (Infraspecies)
Puccinia graminis subsp. graminicola Z. Urb. 1967 (Infraspecies)
Puccinia graminis subsp. graminis Pers. 1794 (Infraspecies)
Puccinia thesii (Desv.) Chaillet 1830 (Species)
Puccinia chaetochloae Arthur 1907 (Species)
Puccinia umbilici Gupin 1830 (Species)
Puccinia violae (Schumach.) DC. 1815 (Species)
Puccinia helianthi Schwein. 1822 (Species)
Puccinia pratensis A. Blytt 1896 (Species)
Puccinia variabilis Grev. 1824 (Species)
Puccinia campanulae Carmich. 1836 (Species)
Puccinia polysora Underw. 1897 (Species)
Puccinia veronicae (Schumach.) G. Winter 1889 (Species)
Puccinia bulbocastani (Cumino) Fuckel 1870 (Species)
Puccinia chaerophylli Purton 1821 (Species)
Puccinia eutremae Lindr. 1902 (Species)
Puccinia sessilis J. Schrt. 1870 (Species)
Puccinia cnici-oleracei Pers. 1823 (Species)
Puccinia pimpinellae (F. Strauss) Link 1813 (Species)
Puccinia physospermi Pass. 1877 (Species)
Puccinia buxi DC. 1815 (Species)
Puccinia ribis DC. 1805 (Species)
Puccinia sorghi Schwein. 1832 (Species)
Puccinia zoysiae Dietel 1902 (Species)
Puccinia septentrionalis Juel 1895 (Species)
Puccinia fragosoana Beltrn 1921 (Species)
Puccinia crepidicola Syd. & P. Syd. 1901 (Species)
Puccinia cancellata (Durieu & Mont.) Sacc. & Roum. 1881 (Species)
Puccinia thymi (Fuckel) P. Karst. 1884 (Species)
Puccinia cladii Ellis & Tracy 1895 (Species)
Puccinia opizii Bubk 1902 (Species)
Puccinia commutata P. Syd. & Syd. 1902 (Species)
Puccinia cynodontis Delacr. ex Desm. 1859 (Species)
Puccinia polemonii F. C. M. Strmer 1896 (Species)
Puccinia distincta McAlpine 1896 (Species)
Puccinia canaliculata Arthur (Species)
Puccinia galii-verni Ces. 1846 (Species)
Puccinia albescens Grev. 1889 (Species)
Puccinia rufipes Dietel 1902 (Species)
Puccinia poarum E. Nielsen 1877 (Species)
Puccinia lapsanae Fuckel 1860 (Species)
Puccinia liliacearum Duby 1830 (Species)
Puccinia festucae Plowr. 1893 (Species)
Puccinia lagenophorae Cooke 1884 (Species)
Puccinia tumida Grev. 1824 (Species)
Puccinia oahuensis Ellis & Everh. 1895 (Species)
Puccinia calthicola J. Schrt. 1879 (Species)
Puccinia virgae-aureae (DC.) Lib. 1837 (Species)
Puccinia achilleae Cooke 1880 (Species)
Puccinia chrysosplenii Grev. 1836 (Species)
Puccinia phragmitis (Schumach.) Krn. 1876 (Species)
Puccinia eriophori Thm. 1880 (Species)
Puccinia cnici H. Mart. 1817 (Species)
Puccinia antirrhini Dietel & Holw. 1897 (Species)
Puccinia circaeae Pers. 1801 (Species)
Puccinia primulae (DC.) Duby 1824 (Species)
Puccinia apii Desm. 1823 (Species)
Puccinia arachidis Speg. 1884 (Species)
Puccinia cicutae Lasch 1845 (Species)
Puccinia oxyriae Fuckel 1875 (Species)
Puccinia smyrnii Biv. 1894 (Species)
Puccinia clintonii Peck 1876 (Species)
Puccinia annularis (F. Strauss) G. Winter 1813 (Species)
Puccinia oxalidis Dietel & Ellis 1895 (Species)
Puccinia elymi Westend. 1851 (Species)
Puccinia spegazzinii De Toni 1888 (Species)
Puccinia soldanellae (DC.) Fuckel 1875 (Species)
Puccinia paludosa Plowr. 1889 (Species)
Puccinia epilobii J. Schrt. & Sacc. 1815 (Species)
Puccinia aegopodii (Schumach.) Link 1817 (Species)
Puccinia purpurea Cooke 1876 (Species)
Puccinia punctiformis (F. Strauss) Rhl. 1813 (Species)
Puccinia conii (F. Strauss) Fuckel 1870 (Species)
Puccinia conclusa Thm. 1878 (Species)
Puccinia libanotidis Lindr. 1901 (Species)
Puccinia psidii G. Winter 1884 (Species)
Puccinia nemoralis Juel 1894 (Species)
Puccinia prostii Duby 1830 (Species)
Puccinia asperulae-cynanchicae Wurth 1904 (Species)
Puccinia iridis Wallr. 1844 (Species)
Puccinia kuehnii (W. Krger) E. J. Butler 1914 (Species)
Puccinia longicornis Pat. & Har. 1891 (Species)
Puccinia luzulae Speg. 1830 (Species)
Puccinia cyani Pass. 1874 (Species)
Puccinia longissima J. Schrt. 1879 (Species)
Puccinia suaveolens (Pers.) Rostr. 1874 (Species)
Puccinia asparagi DC. 1805 (Species)
Puccinia adoxae R. Hedw. 1805 (Species)
Puccinia betonicae (Alb. & Schwein.) DC. 1815 (Species)
Puccinia bistortae (F. Strauss) DC. 1815 (Species)
Puccinia acetosae Barclay (Species)
Puccinia arenariae (Schumach.) J. Schrt. 1880 (Species)
Puccinia microsora Krn. 1874 (Species)
Puccinia menthae Pers. 1801 (Species)
Puccinia impatientis (Schwein.) Arthur 1903 (Species)
Puccinia scirpi DC. 1805 (Species)
Puccinia saniculae Grev. 1824 (Species)
Puccinia major Dietel 1894 (Species)
Puccinia malvacearum Bertero ex Mont. 1852 (Species)
Puccinia horiana Henn. 1901 (Species)
Puccinia schedonnardii Kellerm. & Swingle 1888 (Species)
Puccinia hydrocotyles (Mont.) Cooke 1880 (Species)
Puccinia schroeteri Pass. 1875 (Species)
Puccinia dioicae Magnus 1877 (Species)
Puccinia dioicae var. extensicola (Plowr.) D. M. Hend. 1961 (Infraspecies)
Puccinia dioicae var. schoeleriana (Plowr. & Magnus) D. M. Hend. 1961 (Infraspecies)
Puccinia dioicae var. arenariicola (Plowr.) D. M. Hend. 1961 (Infraspecies)
Puccinia dioicae var. silvatica (J. Schrt.) D. M. Hend. 1961 (Infraspecies)
Puccinia dioicae var. dioicae Magnus 1877 (Infraspecies)
Puccinia kusanoi Dietel 1899 (Species)
Puccinia rottboelliae P. Syd. & Syd. 1904 (Species)
Puccinia rugulosa Tranzschel 1892 (Species)
Puccinia maculosa Schwein. 1832 (Species)
Puccinia galii-cruciatae Duby 1815 (Species)
Puccinia magnusiana Krn. 1876 (Species)
Puccinia pelargonii-zonalis Doidge 1926 (Species)
Puccinia dracunculina Fahrend. 1941 (Species)
Puccinia veronicae-longifoliae Savile 1968 (Species)
Puccinia ljulinica Hinkova & Koeva 1966 (Species)
Puccinia hordei G. H. Otth 1871 (Species)
Puccinia behenis G. H. Otth 1871 (Species)

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