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   Species2000 & ITIS Catalogue of Life: 2007

Animalia (Kingdom)
Onychopora (Phylum)
Not assigned (Class)
Not assigned (Order)
Peripatopsidae (Family)
Hylonomoipos (Genus)
Hylonomoipos akares Reid, 1996 (Species)
Hylonomoipos brookensis Reid, 1996 (Species)
Dystactotylos (Genus)
Dystactotylos aletes Reid, 1996 (Species)
Critolaus (Genus)
Critolaus lepidus Reid, 1996 (Species)
Mantonipatus (Genus)
Mantonipatus persiculus Ruhberg, 1985 (Species)
Leuropezos (Genus)
Leuropezos eungellensis Reid, 1996 (Species)
Konothele (Genus)
Konothele kallimos Reid, 1996 (Species)
Aktinothele (Genus)
Aktinothele eucharis Reid, 1996 (Species)
Anoplokaros (Genus)
Anoplokaros keerensis Reid, 1996 (Species)
Dactylothele (Genus)
Dactylothele habros Reid, 1996 (Species)
Centorumis (Genus)
Centorumis trigona Reid, 1996 (Species)
Austroperipatus (Genus)
Austroperipatus eridelos Reid, 1996 (Species)
Austroperipatus aequabilis Reid, 1996 (Species)
Austroperipatus superbus Reid, 1996 (Species)
Austroperipatus paradoxus (Bouvier, 1915) (Species)
Acanthokara (Genus)
Acanthokara kaputensis Reid, 1996 (Species)
Florelliceps (Genus)
Florelliceps stutchburyae Tait & Norman, 2001 (Species)
Lathropatus (Genus)
Lathropatus nemorum Reid, 2000 (Species)
Paropisthopatus (Genus)
Paropisthopatus costesi (Gravier and Fage, 1925) (Species)
Paropisthopatus umbrinus (Johow, 1911) (Species)
Aethrikos (Genus)
Aethrikos setosa Reid, 1996 (Species)
Sphenoparme (Genus)
Sphenoparme hobwensis Reid, 1996 (Species)
Minyplanetes (Genus)
Minyplanetes kroombensis Reid, 1996 (Species)
Tetrameraden (Genus)
Tetrameraden meringos Reid, 1996 (Species)
Euperipatoides (Genus)
Euperipatoides kanangrensis Reid, 1996 (Species)
Euperipatoides rowelli Reid, 1996 (Species)
Euperipatoides leuckarti (Saenger, 1869) (Species)
Baeothele (Genus)
Baeothele saukros Reid, 1996 (Species)
Cephalofovea (Genus)
Cephalofovea clandestina Reid, Tait, Briscoe and Rowell, 1995 (Species)
Cephalofovea pavimenta Reid, Tait, Briscoe and Rowell, 1995 (Species)
Cephalofovea tomahmontis Ruhberg, Tait, Briscoe and Storch, 1988 (Species)
Cephalofovea cameroni Reid, Tait, Briscoe and Rowell, 1995 (Species)
Peripatoides (Genus)
Peripatoides orientalis (Fletcher, 1896) (Species)
Peripatoides novaezealandiae (Hutton, 1876) (Species)
Peripatoides indigo Ruhberg, 1985 (Species)
Peripatoides suteri (Dendy, 1900) (Species)
Occiperipatoides (Genus)
Occiperipatoides gilesii (Spencer 1909) (Species)
Regimitra (Genus)
Regimitra quadricaula Reid, 1996 (Species)
Ooperipatellus (Genus)
Ooperipatellus decoratus (Baehr, 1977) (Species)
Ooperipatellus nanus Ruhberg, 1985 (Species)
Ooperipatellus viridimaculatus (Dendy, 1900) (Species)
Ooperipatellus duwilensis Reid, 1996 (Species)
Ooperipatellus parvus Reid, 1996 (Species)
Ooperipatellus insignis (Dendy, 1890) (Species)
Phallocephale (Genus)
Phallocephale tallagandensis Reid, 1996 (Species)
Ruhbergia (Genus)
Ruhbergia brevicorna Reid, 1996 (Species)
Ruhbergia rostroides Reid, 1996 (Species)
Ruhbergia bifalcata Reid, 1996 (Species)
Ooperipatus (Genus)
Ooperipatus birrgus Reid, 2000 (Species)
Ooperipatus caesius Reid, 2000 (Species)
Ooperipatus nebulosus Reid, 2000 (Species)
Ooperipatus lepidus Reid, 2000 (Species)
Ooperipatus porcatus Reid, 2000 (Species)
Ooperipatus silvanus Reid, 2000 (Species)
Ooperipatus hispidus Reid, 1996 (Species)
Ooperipatus pulchellus Reid, 1996 (Species)
Ooperipatus centunculus Reid, 1996 (Species)
Ooperipatus costatus Reid, 1996 (Species)
Ooperipatus oviparus (Dendy, 1896) (Species)
Planipapillus (Genus)
Planipapillus annae Reid, 2000 (Species)
Planipapillus berti Reid, 2000 (Species)
Planipapillus impacris Reid, 2000 (Species)
Planipapillus cyclus Reid, 2000 (Species)
Planipapillus biacinoides Reid, 2000 (Species)
Planipapillus tectus Reid, 2000 (Species)
Planipapillus gracilis Reid, 2000 (Species)
Planipapillus vittatus Reid, 2000 (Species)
Planipapillus bulgensis Reid, 1996 (Species)
Planipapillus taylori Reid, 1996 (Species)
Planipapillus biacinaces Reid, 1996 (Species)
Planipapillus mundus Reid, 1996 (Species)
Wambalana (Genus)
Wambalana makrothele Reid, 1996 (Species)
Nodocapitus (Genus)
Nodocapitus formosus Reid, 1996 (Species)
Nodocapitus inornatus Reid, 1996 (Species)
Nodocapitus barryi Reid, 1996 (Species)
Vescerro (Genus)
Vescerro turbinatus Reid, 1996 (Species)
Metaperipatus (Genus)
Metaperipatus blainvillei (Gay in Gervais, 1837) (Species)
Tasmanipatus (Genus)
Tasmanipatus anophthalmus Ruhberg, Mesibov, Briscoe and Tait, 1991 (Species)
Tasmanipatus barretti Ruhberg, Mesibov, Briscoe and Tait, 1991 (Species)
Peripatopsis (Genus)
Peripatopsis stelliporata Sherbon and Walker, 2004 (Species)
Peripatopsis sedgwicki Purcell, 1899 (Species)
Peripatopsis moseleyi (Wood-Mason, 1879) (Species)
Peripatopsis leonina Purcell, 1899 (Species)
Peripatopsis clavigera Purcell, 1899 (Species)
Peripatopsis capensis (Grube, 1866) (Species)
Peripatopsis balfouri (Sedgwick, 1885) (Species)
Peripatopsis alba Lawrence, 1931 (Species)
Opisthopatus (Genus)
Opisthopatus herbertorum Ruhberg and Hamer, 2005 (Species)
Opisthopatus roseus Lawrence, 1947 (Species)
Opisthopatus cinctipes Purcell, 1899 (Species)
Paraperipatus (Genus)
Paraperipatus vanheurni Horst, 1922 (Species)
Paraperipatus keiensis Horst, 1922 (Species)
Paraperipatus schultzei Heymons, 1912 (Species)
Paraperipatus stresemanni Bouvier, 1914 (Species)
Paraperipatus papuensis (Sedgwick, 1909) (Species)
Paraperipatus amboinensis Pflugfelder, 1948 (Species)
Paraperipatus ceramensis (Muir and Kershaw, 1909) (Species)
Paraperipatus novaebritanniae (Willey, 1898) (Species)
Kumbadjena (Genus)
Kumbadjena shannonensis Reid, 2002 (Species)
Kumbadjena occidentalis (Fletcher, 1896) (Species)
Kumbadjena kaata Reid, 2002 (Species)
Peripatidae (Family)
Mesoperipatus (Genus)
Mesoperipatus tholloni (Bouvier, 1898) (Species)
Typhloperipatus (Genus)
Typhloperipatus williamsoni Kemp, 1913 (Species)
Heteroperipatus (Genus)
Heteroperipatus clarki (Dunn, 1943) (Species)
Heteroperipatus engelhardi Zilch, 1954 (Species)
Macroperipatus (Genus)
Macroperipatus valerioi Morera-Brenes and Len, 1986 (Species)
Macroperipatus perrieri (Bouvier, 1899) (Species)
Macroperipatus acacioi (Marcus and Marcus, 1955) (Species)
Macroperipatus geayi (Bouvier, 1899) (Species)
Macroperipatus guianensis (Evans, 1903) (Species)
Macroperipatus torquatus (von Kennel, 1883) (Species)
Macroperipatus ohausi (Bouvier, 1900) (Species)
Macroperipatus insularis Clark, 1937 (Species)
Macroperipatus insularis subsp. clarki Arnett, 1961 (Infraspecies)
Macroperipatus insularis subsp. insularis Clark, 1937 (Infraspecies)
Oroperipatus (Genus)
Oroperipatus peruvianus Brues, 1917 (Species)
Oroperipatus soratanus (Bouvier, 1901) (Species)
Oroperipatus weyrauchi Marcus, 1952 (Species)
Oroperipatus ecuadoriensis (Bouvier, 1902) (Species)
Oroperipatus tuberculatus (Bouvier, 1898) (Species)
Oroperipatus eiseni (Wheeler, 1898) (Species)
Oroperipatus goudoti (Bouvier, 1899) (Species)
Oroperipatus bluntschli Fuhrmann, 1915 (Species)
Oroperipatus belli (Bouvier, 1904) (Species)
Oroperipatus balzani (Camerano, 1897) (Species)
Oroperipatus cameranoi (Bouvier, 1899) (Species)
Oroperipatus bimbergi (Fuhrmann, 1913) (Species)
Oroperipatus corradoi (Camerano, 1898) (Species)
Oroperipatus multipodes (Fuhrmann, 1913) (Species)
Oroperipatus quitensis (Schmarda, 1871) (Species)
Oroperipatus peruanus (Grube, 1876) (Species)
Oroperipatus omeyrus Marcus, 1952 (Species)
Oroperipatus lankesteri (Bouvier, 1899) (Species)
Oroperipatus koepckei Zilch, 1954 (Species)
Oroperipatus intermedius (Bouvier, 1901) (Species)
peripatus (Genus)
Peripatus bavaysi Bouvier, 1899 (Species)
Peripatus ruber Fuhrmann, 1913 (Species)
Peripatus manni Brues, 1913 (Species)
Peripatus dominicae Pollard, 1894 (Species)
Peripatus dominicae subsp. haitensis Brues, 1913 (Infraspecies)
Peripatus dominicae subsp. lachauxensis Brues, 1935 (Infraspecies)
Peripatus dominicae subsp. dominicae Pollard, 1894 (Infraspecies)
Peripatus dominicae subsp. basilensis Brues, 1935 (Infraspecies)
Peripatus dominicae subsp. darlingtoni Brues, 1935 (Infraspecies)
Peripatus bouvieri Fuhrmann, 1913 (Species)
Peripatus heloisae Carvalho, 1941 (Species)
Peripatus brolemanni Bouvier, 1899 (Species)
Peripatus juliformis Guilding, 1826 (Species)
Peripatus juliformis subsp. danicus Bouvier, 1900 (Infraspecies)
Peripatus juliformis subsp. juliformis Guilding, 1826 (Infraspecies)
Peripatus juanensis Bouvier, 1900 (Species)
Peripatus evelinae (Marcus, 1937) (Species)
Peripatus sedgwicki Bouvier, 1899 (Species)
Peripatus swainsonae Cockerell, 1893 (Species)
Peripatus antiguensis Bouvier, 1899 (Species)
Plicatoperipatus (Genus)
Plicatoperipatus jamaicensis (Grabham and Cockerell, 1892) (Species)
Speleoperipatus (Genus)
Speleoperipatus spelaeus Peck, 1975 (Species)
Eoperipatus (Genus)
Eoperipatus weldoni Evans, 1901 (Species)
Eoperipatus horsti Evans, 1901 (Species)
Eoperipatus sumatranus (Sedgwick, 1888) (Species)
Epiperipatus (Genus)
Epiperipatus evansi (Bouvier, 1904) (Species)
Epiperipatus hilkae Morera-Brenes and Monge-Najera, 1990 (Species)
Epiperipatus barbadensis (Froehlich, 1962) (Species)
Epiperipatus nicaraguensis (Bouvier, 1900) (Species)
Epiperipatus tucupi Froehlich, 1968 (Species)
Epiperipatus vespucci Brues, 1914 (Species)
Epiperipatus simoni (Bouvier, 1898) (Species)
Epiperipatus barbouri (Brues, 1911) (Species)
Epiperipatus isthmicola (Bouvier, 1902) (Species)
Epiperipatus lewisi Arnett, 1961 (Species)
Epiperipatus biolleyi (Bouvier, 1902) (Species)
Epiperipatus trinidadensis (Sedgwick, 1888) (Species)
Epiperipatus brasiliensis (Bouvier, 1899) (Species)
Epiperipatus brasiliensis subsp. vagans Brues, 1925 (Infraspecies)
Epiperipatus brasiliensis subsp. brasiliensis (Bouvier, 1899) (Infraspecies)
Epiperipatus imthurmi (Sclater, 1888) (Species)
Epiperipatus edwardsii (Blanchard, 1847) (Species)
Epiperipatus broadwayi (Clark, 1913) (Species)
Rotifera (Phylum)
Pararotatoria (Class)
Seisonacea (Order)
Seisonidae (Family)
Seison (Genus)
Seison africanus Srensen, Segers & Funch,2005 (Species)
Seison nebaliae Grube, 1861 (Species)
Paraseison (Genus)
Paraseison annulatus (Claus 1876) (Species)
Eurotatoria (Class)
Collothecaceae (Order)
Atrochidae (Family)
Cupelopagis (Genus)
Cupelopagis vorax (Leidy, 1857) (Species)
Acyclus (Genus)
Acyclus inquietus Leidy, 1882 (Species)
Acyclus trilobus (Lucks, 1911) (Species)
Atrochus (Genus)
Atrochus tentaculatus Wierzejski, 1893 (Species)
Collothecidae (Family)
Stephanoceros (Genus)
Stephanoceros fimbriatus (Goldfusz, 1820) (Species)
Collotheca (Genus)
Collotheca heptabranchiata (Schoch, 1869) (Species)
Collotheca stephanochaeta Edmondson, 1936 (Species)
Collotheca spinata (Hood, 1893) (Species)
Collotheca annulata (Hood, 1888) (Species)
Collotheca undulata Sladecek, 1968 (Species)
Collotheca monoceros (Zacharias 1912) (Species)
Collotheca epizootica (Monard, 1922) (Species)
Collotheca edmondsoni Berzin?, 1951 (Species)
Collotheca bulbosa Berzin?, 1951 (Species)
Collotheca bilfingeri Berzin?, 1951 (Species)
Collotheca wiszniewskii Varga, 1938 (Species)
Collotheca ambigua (Hudson, 1883) (Species)
Collotheca coronetta (Cubitt, 1869) (Species)
Collotheca edentata (Collins, 1872) (Species)
Collotheca discophora (Skorikov, 1903) (Species)
Collotheca cucullata (Hood, 1894) (Species)
Collotheca cucullata subsp. smolandica Berzin?, 1951 (Infraspecies)
Collotheca cucullata subsp. cucullata (Hood, 1894) (Infraspecies)
Collotheca evansonii (Anderson & Shephard, 1892) (Species)
Collotheca libera (Zacharias, 1894) (Species)
Collotheca ferox (Penard, 1914) (Species)
Collotheca polyphema Harring, 1914 (Species)
Collotheca riverai Vilaclara & Sladecek, 1989 (Species)
Collotheca sessilis (Milne, 1905) (Species)
Collotheca tenuilobata (Anderson, 1889) (Species)
Collotheca thunmarki Berzin?, 1951 (Species)
Collotheca torquilobata (Thorpe, 1891) (Species)
Collotheca trifidlobata (Pittock, 1895) (Species)
Collotheca trilobata (Collins, 1872) (Species)
Collotheca vargai Nogrady, 1976 (Species)
Collotheca atrochoides (Wierzejski, 1893) (Species)
Collotheca balatonica Varga, 1936 (Species)
Collotheca calva (Hudson, 1885) (Species)
Collotheca crateriformis Offord, 1934 (Species)
Collotheca campanulata (Dobie, 1849) (Species)
Collotheca gossei (Hood, 1892) (Species)
Collotheca judayi Edmondson, 1940 (Species)
Collotheca hoodi (Hudson, 1883) (Species)
Collotheca minuta (Milne, 1905) (Species)
Collotheca lettevalli Berzin?, 1976 (Species)
Collotheca moselii (Milne, 1905) (Species)
Collotheca mutabilis (Hudson, 1885) (Species)
Collotheca pelagica (Rousselet, 1893) (Species)
Collotheca ornata (Ehrenberg, 1832) (Species)
Collotheca quadrinodosa Summerfield-Wright, 1961 (Species)
Collotheca quadrilobata (Hood, 1892) (Species)
Collotheca rasmae Berzin?, 1951 (Species)
Flosculariaceae (Order)
Hexarthridae (Family)
Hexarthra (Genus)
Hexarthra propinqua (Barto?, 1948) (Species)
Hexarthra reducens (Barto?, 1948) (Species)
Hexarthra longicornicula Turner, 1987 (Species)
Hexarthra jenkinae (de Beauchamp, 1932) (Species)
Hexarthra intermedia Wiszniewski 1929 (Species)
Hexarthra intermedia subsp. intermedia Wiszniewski, 1929 (Infraspecies)
Hexarthra intermedia subsp. brasiliensis Hauer, 1953 (Infraspecies)
Hexarthra fennica (Levander, 1892) (Species)
Hexarthra brandorffi Koste 1977 (Species)
Hexarthra polychaeta Bennetch, 1981 (Species)
Hexarthra oxyuris (Sernov, 1903) (Species)
Hexarthra mollis (Barto?, 1948) (Species)
Hexarthra mira (Hudson, 1871) (Species)
Hexarthra polyodonta (Hauer, 1957) (Species)
Hexarthra polyodonta subsp. polyodonta (Hauer, 1957) (Infraspecies)
Hexarthra polyodonta subsp. soaplakeiensis Koste, 1977 (Infraspecies)
Hexarthra polyodonta subsp. jasperina Dumont, Coussement & Anderson, 1978 (Infraspecies)
Hexarthra bulgarica (Wiszniewski, 1933) (Species)
Hexarthra bulgarica subsp. nepalensis Dumont, Coussement & Anderson, 1978 (Infraspecies)
Hexarthra bulgarica subsp. canadensis Dumont, Coussement & Anderson, 1978 (Infraspecies)
Hexarthra bulgarica subsp. bulgarica (Wiszniewski, 1933) (Infraspecies)
Testudinellidae (Family)
Anchitestudinella (Genus)
Anchitestudinella mekongensis Berzin?, 1973 (Species)
Pompholyx (Genus)
Pompholyx complanata Gosse, 1851 (Species)
Pompholyx triloba Pejler, 1957 (Species)
Pompholyx sulcata Hudson, 1885 (Species)
Testudinella (Genus)
Testudinella aspis Carlin, 1939 (Species)
Testudinella caeca (Parsons, 1892) (Species)
Testudinella dendradena de Beauchamp, 1955 (Species)
Testudinella discoidea Ahlstrom, 1938 (Species)
Testudinella elliptica (Ehrenberg, 1834) (Species)
Testudinella greeni Koste 1981 (Species)
Testudinella walkeri Koste & Shiel 1980 (Species)
Testudinella clypleata (Mller, 1786) (Species)
Testudinella carlini Barto?, 1951 (Species)
Testudinella gillardi De Ridder, 1966 (Species)
Testudinella epicopta Myers, 1934 (Species)
Testudinella emarginula (Stenroos, 1898) (Species)
Testudinella munda Berzin?, 1982 (Species)
Testudinella tridentata Smirnov, 1931 (Species)
Testudinella triangularis Myers, 1934 (Species)
Testudinella subdiscoidea De Ridder, 1983 (Species)
Testudinella robertsonae Koste, 1990 (Species)
Testudinella reflexa (Gosse, 1887) (Species)
Testudinella patina (Hermann, 1783) (Species)
Testudinella ohlei Koste 1972 (Species)
Testudinella obscura Althaus 1957 (Species)
Testudinella neboissi Berzin?, 1982 (Species)
Testudinella unicornuta Koste & Shiel 1987 (Species)
Testudinella truncata (Gosse, 1886) (Species)
Testudinella mucronata (Gosse, 1886) (Species)
Testudinella mucronata subsp. tasmaniensis Koste & Shiel, 1986 (Infraspecies)
Testudinella mucronata subsp. mucronata (Gosse, 1886) (Infraspecies)
Testudinella kostei De Ridder, 1983 (Species)
Testudinella incisa (Ternetz, 1892) (Species)
Testudinella husseyi Shiel & Koste, 1985 (Species)
Testudinella haueriensis Gillard, 1967 (Species)
Testudinella parva (Ternetz, 1892) (Species)
Testudinella angulata Myers, 1934 (Species)
Testudinella amphora Hauer 1938 (Species)
Testudinella ahlstromi Hauer 1956 (Species)
Testudinella brycei Hauer, 1938 (Species)
Testudinella brevicaudata Yamamoto, 1951 (Species)
Testudinella berzinsi Gillard, 1952 (Species)
Trochosphaeridae (Family)
Horaella (Genus)
Horaella thomassoni Koste, 1973 (Species)
Horaella brehmi Donner, 1949 (Species)
Trochosphaera (Genus)
Trochosphaera aequatorialis Semper, 1872 (Species)
Trochosphaera solstitialis Thorpe, 1893 (Species)
Filinia (Genus)
Filinia grandis Koste & Shiel, 1980 (Species)
Filinia cornuta (Weisse, 1847) (Species)
Filinia pejleri Hutchinson 1964 (Species)
Filinia saltator (Gosse 1886) (Species)
Filinia passa (Mller, 1786) (Species)
Filinia opoliensis (Zacharias, 1898) (Species)
Filinia novaezealandiae Shiel & Sanoamuang 1993 (Species)
Filinia minuta (Smirnov, 1928) (Species)
Filinia longiseta (Ehrenberg, 1834) (Species)
Filinia limnetica (Zacharias, 1893) (Species)
Filinia hofmanni Koste 1980 (Species)
Filinia terminalis (Plate, 1886) (Species)
Filinia camasecla Myers, 1938 (Species)
Filinia brachiata (Rousselet, 1901) (Species)
Filinia australiensis Koste 1980 (Species)
Conochilidae (Family)
Conochilopsis (Genus)
Conochilopsis causeyae (Vidrine, McLaughlin & Willis, 1985) (Species)
Conochilus (Genus)
Conochilus exiguus Ahlstrom, 1938 (Species)
Conochilus hippocrepis (Schrank, 1803) (Species)
Conochilus unicornis Rousselet, 1892 (Species)
Conochilus coenobasis (Skorikov, 1914) (Species)
Conochilus natans (Seligo, 1900) (Species)
Conochilus dossuarius Hudson 1885 (Species)
Flosculariidae (Family)
Octoctrocha (Genus)
Octoctrocha speciosa Thorpe, 1893 (Species)
Limnias (Genus)
Limnias shiawasseensis Kellicott, 1888 (Species)
Limnias nymphaea Stenroos, 1898 (Species)
Limnias myriophylli (Tatem, 1868) (Species)
Limnias melicerta Weisse, 1848 (Species)
Limnias ceratophylli Schrank, 1803 (Species)
Beauchampia (Genus)
Beauchampia crucigera (Dutrochet, 1812) (Species)
Floscularia (Genus)
Floscularia noodti Koste, 1972 (Species)
Floscularia armata Segers, 1997 (Species)
Floscularia decora Edmondson, 1940 (Species)
Floscularia bifida Segers, 1997 (Species)
Floscularia janus (Hudson, 1881) (Species)
Floscularia melicerta (Ehrenberg, 1832) (Species)
Floscularia conifera (Hudson, 1886) (Species)
Floscularia pedunculata (Joliet, 1883) (Species)
Floscularia ringens (Linnaeus, 1758) (Species)
Lacinularia (Genus)
Lacinularia ismailoviensis (Poggenpol, 1872) (Species)
Lacinularia flosculosa (Mller, 1773) (Species)
Lacinularia elliptica Shephard 1897 (Species)
Sinatherina (Genus)
Sinatherina procera (Thorpe, 1893) (Species)
Sinatherina ariprepres Edmondson, 1939 (Species)
Sinatherina spinosa (Thorpe, 1893) (Species)
Sinatherina socialis (Linnaeus, 1758) (Species)
Sinatherina semibullata (Thorpe, 1893) (Species)
Ptygura (Genus)
Ptygura furcillata (Kellicott, 1889) (Species)
Ptygura cristata (Murray, 1913) (Species)
Ptygura stygis (Gosse, 1886) (Species)
Ptygura melicerta Ehrenberg 1832 (Species)
Ptygura melicerta subsp. melicerta Ehrenberg, 1832 (Infraspecies)
Ptygura melicerta subsp. ctenoidea Koste & Tobias, 1990 (Infraspecies)
Ptygura pedunculata Edmondson, 1939 (Species)
Ptygura mucicola (Kellicott, 1888) (Species)
Ptygura tridorsicornis Summerfield-Wright, 1957 (Species)
Ptygura seminatans Edmondson, 1939 (Species)
Ptygura kostei Jos de Paggi, 1996 (Species)
Ptygura intermedia (Davis, 1867) (Species)
Ptygura libera Myers, 1934 (Species)
Ptygura longicornis (Davis, 1867) (Species)
Ptygura linguata Edmondson, 1939 (Species)
Ptygura rotifer (Stenroos, 1898) (Species)
Ptygura pilula (Cubitt, 1872) (Species)
Ptygura brachiata (Hudson, 1886) (Species)
Ptygura agassizi Edmondson, 1948 (Species)
Ptygura barbata Edmondson, 1939 (Species)
Ptygura beauchampi Edmondson 1940 (Species)
Ptygura brevis (Rousselet, 1893) (Species)
Ptygura crystallina (Ehrenberg, 1834) (Species)
Ptygura elsteri Koste 1972 (Species)
Ptygura wilsonii (Anderson & Shephard, 1892) (Species)
Ptygura tacita Edmondson 1940 (Species)
Ptygura velata (Gosse, 1851) (Species)
Ploima (Order)
Trichotriidae (Family)
Wolga (Genus)
Wolga spinifera (Western, 1894) (Species)
Macrochaetus (Genus)
Macrochaetus collinsii subsp. collinsii (Gosse, 1867) (Infraspecies)
Macrochaetus aspinus Segers & Sarma, 1993 (Species)
Macrochaetus altamirai (Arevalo, 1918) (Species)
Macrochaetus americanus Segers & Sarma, 1993 (Species)
Macrochaetus danneeli Koste & Shiel 1983 (Species)
Macrochaetus hauerianus Wulfert, 1964 (Species)
Macrochaetus paggiensae Koste, 2000 (Species)
Macrochaetus philopax Wulfert, 1961 (Species)
Macrochaetus sericus (Thorpe, 1893) (Species)
Macrochaetus subquadratus (Perty, 1850) (Species)
Macrochaetus kostei Jos de Paggi, Branco & Kozlowsky-Suzuki,2000 (Species)
Macrochaetus longipes Myers, 1934 (Species)
Macrochaetus multispinosus Myers, 1934 (Species)
Trichotria (Genus)
Trichotria eukosmeta Myers, 1942 (Species)
Trichotria pseudocurta Koste, Shiel & Tan,1988 (Species)
Trichotria pocillum (Mller, 1776) (Species)
Trichotria tetractis (Ehrenberg, 1830) (Species)
Trichotria tetractis subsp. similis (Stenroos, 1898) (Infraspecies)
Trichotria tetractis subsp. caudata (Lucks, 1912) (Infraspecies)
Trichotria tetractis subsp. tetractis (Ehrenberg, 1830) (Infraspecies)
Trichotria truncata (Whitelegge, 1889) (Species)
Trichotria buchneri Koste, Shiel & Tan,1988 (Species)
Tetrasiphonidae (Family)
Tetrasiphon (Genus)
Tetrasiphon hydrocora Ehrenberg 1840 (Species)
Trichocercidae (Family)
Ascomorphella (Genus)
Ascomorphella volvocicola (Plate, 1886) (Species)
Elosa (Genus)
Elosa worrallii Lord, 1891 (Species)
Elosa spinifera Wiszniewski, 1932 (Species)
Trichocerca (Genus)
Trichocerca agnatha Wulfert 1939 (Species)
Trichocerca harveyensis Myers, 1941 (Species)
Trichocerca wanarra Segers & Shiel, 2003 (Species)
Trichocerca vassilijevae Kutikova & Arov, 1985 (Species)
Trichocerca stylata (Gosse, 1851) (Species)
Trichocerca simoneae De Smet, 1990 (Species)
Trichocerca similis (Wierzejski, 1893) (Species)
Trichocerca similis subsp. similis (Wierzejski, 1893) (Infraspecies)
Trichocerca similis subsp. grandis Hauer, 1965 (Infraspecies)
Trichocerca ruttneri Donner, 1953 (Species)
Trichocerca sulcata (Jennings, 1894) (Species)
Trichocerca cavia (Gosse, 1886) (Species)
Trichocerca collaris (Rousselet, 1896) (Species)
Trichocerca intermedia (Stenroos, 1898) (Species)
Trichocerca chattoni (de Beauchamp, 1907) (Species)
Trichocerca braziliensis (Murray, 1913) (Species)
Trichocerca capucina (Wierzejski and Zacharias, 1893) (Species)
Trichocerca bicuspes (Pell, 1890) (Species)
Trichocerca bicristata (Gosse, 1887) (Species)
Trichocerca bidens (Lucks, 1912) (Species)
Trichocerca porcellus (Gosse, 1851) (Species)
Trichocerca rattus (Mller, 1776) (Species)
Trichocerca rotundata Myers, 1937 (Species)
Trichocerca rousseleti (Voigt, 1902) (Species)
Trichocerca pediculus Remane, 1949 (Species)
Trichocerca rosea (Stenroos, 1898) (Species)
Trichocerca orca (Murray, 1913) (Species)
Trichocerca platessa Myers, 1934 (Species)
Trichocerca plaka Myers, 1938 (Species)
Trichocerca pusilla (Jennings, 1903) (Species)
Trichocerca obtusidens (Olofsson, 1918) (Species)
Trichocerca ornata Myers, 1934 (Species)
Trichocerca mus Hauer 1938 (Species)
Trichocerca myersi (Hauer, 1931) (Species)
Trichocerca mollis Edmondson, 1936 (Species)
Trichocerca multicrinis (Kellicott, 1897) (Species)
Trichocerca mucosa (Stokes, 1896) (Species)
Trichocerca longistyla (Olofsson, 1918) (Species)
Trichocerca macera (Gosse, 1886) (Species)
Trichocerca longiseta (Schrank, 1802) (Species)
Trichocerca insignis (Herrick, 1885) (Species)
Trichocerca insulana (Hauer, 1937) (Species)
Trichocerca cylindrica (Imhof, 1891) (Species)
Trichocerca kostei Segers 1993 (Species)
Trichocerca iernis (Gosse, 1887) (Species)
Trichocerca hollaerti De Smet, 1990 (Species)
Trichocerca flagellata Hauer 1937 (Species)
Trichocerca insolens (Myers, 1936) (Species)
Trichocerca lophoessa (Gosse, 1886) (Species)
Trichocerca caspica (Tschugunoff, 1921) (Species)
Trichocerca pygocera (Wiszniewski, 1932) (Species)
Trichocerca taurocephala (Hauer, 1931) (Species)
Trichocerca tenuior (Gosse, 1886) (Species)
Trichocerca tigris (Mller, 1786) (Species)
Trichocerca uncinata (Voigt, 1902) (Species)
Trichocerca vargai Wulfert, 1961 (Species)
Trichocerca vernalis (Hauer, 1936) (Species)
Trichocerca voluta (Murray 1913) (Species)
Trichocerca weberi (Jennings, 1903) (Species)
Trichocerca dixonnutalli (Jennings, 1903) (Species)
Trichocerca lata (Jennings, 1894) (Species)
Trichocerca marina (Daday, 1890) (Species)
Trichocerca musculus (Hauer, 1937) (Species)
Trichocerca elongata (Gosse, 1886) (Species)
Trichocerca edmondsoni (Myers, 1936) (Species)
Trichocerca brachyura (Gosse, 1851) (Species)
Trichocerca maior (Hauer, 1925) (Species)
Trichocerca abilioi Segers & Sarma, 1993 (Species)
Trichocerca scipio (Gosse, 1886) (Species)
Trichocerca siamensis Segers & Pholpunthin, 1997 (Species)
Synchaetidae (Family)
Pseudoploesoma (Genus)
Pseudoploesoma formosum (Myers, 1934) (Species)
Polyarthra (Genus)
Polyarthra remata Skorikov, 1896 (Species)
Polyarthra minor Voigt 1904 (Species)
Polyarthra vulgaris Carlin, 1943 (Species)
Polyarthra longiremis Carlin 1943 (Species)
Polyarthra luminosa Kutikova 1962 (Species)
Polyarthra euryptera Wierzejski, 1891 (Species)
Polyarthra dolichoptera Idelson, 1925 (Species)
Polyarthra leleki Koste & Tobias, 1989 (Species)
Polyarthra major Burckhardt, 1900 (Species)
Polyarthra indica Segers & Babu, 1999 (Species)
Ploesoma (Genus)
Ploesoma murrayi Wulfert, 1961 (Species)
Ploesoma truncatum (Levander, 1894) (Species)
Ploesoma lenticulare Herrick, 1885 (Species)
Ploesoma triacanthum (Bergendal, 1892) (Species)
Ploesoma africanum Wulfert, 1965 (Species)
Ploesoma peipsiense Mamets & Kutikova, 1979 (Species)
Ploesoma hudsoni (Imhof, 1891) (Species)
Synchaeta (Genus)
Synchaeta triophthalma Lauterborn, 1894 (Species)
Synchaeta tremuloida Pourriot, 1965 (Species)
Synchaeta verrucosa Nipkow 1961 (Species)
Synchaeta cecilia Rousselet, 1902 (Species)
Synchaeta cecilia subsp. f. fusipes Buchholz, 1954 (Infraspecies)
Synchaeta hutchingsi Brownell, 1988 (Species)
Synchaeta monopus Plate, 1889 (Species)
Synchaeta stylata Wierzejski, 1893 (Species)
Synchaeta tavina Althaus, 1957 (Species)
Synchaeta rufina Kutikova & Vassiljeva, 1982 (Species)
Synchaeta tremula (Mller, 1786) (Species)
Synchaeta squamadigitata De Smet, 2006 (Species)
Synchaeta prominula Kutikova & Vassiljeva, 1982 (Species)
Synchaeta rousseleti Zelinka, 1927 (Species)
Synchaeta pachypoida Kutikova & Vassiljeva, 1982 (Species)
Synchaeta lakowitziana Lucks, 1930 (Species)
Synchaeta lakowitziana subsp. lakowitziana Lucks, 1930 (Infraspecies)
Synchaeta lakowitziana subsp. arctica De Smet, 1988 (Infraspecies)
Synchaeta longipes Gosse, 1887 (Species)
Synchaeta neapolitana Rousselet, 1902 (Species)
Synchaeta jollyae Shiel & Koste 1993 (Species)
Synchaeta gyrina Hood, 1887 (Species)
Synchaeta grimpei Remane, 1929 (Species)
Synchaeta grandis Zacharias, 1893 (Species)
Synchaeta johanseni Harring, 1921 (Species)
Synchaeta hyperborea Smirnov 1932 (Species)
Synchaeta glacialis Smirnov 1932 (Species)
Synchaeta fennica Rousselet, 1909 (Species)
Synchaeta cylindrica Althaus, 1957 (Species)
Synchaeta baltica Ehrenberg, 1834 (Species)
Synchaeta arcifera Xu, 1998 (Species)
Synchaeta atlantica Zelinka, 1907 (Species)
Synchaeta kitina Rousselet, 1902 (Species)
Synchaeta bicornis Smith, 1904 (Species)
Synchaeta tamara Smirnov 1932 (Species)
Synchaeta bacillifera Smirnov, 1933 (Species)
Synchaeta pectinata Ehrenberg, 1832 (Species)
Synchaeta oblonga Ehrenberg, 1831 (Species)
Synchaeta pachypoda Jashnov, 1922 (Species)
Synchaeta vorax Rousselet, 1902 (Species)
Scaridiidae (Family)
Scaridium (Genus)
Scaridium neglectum Segers, 1997 (Species)
Scaridium grande Segers, 1995 (Species)
Scaridium montanum Segers, 1995 (Species)
Scaridium elongatum Segers, 1996 (Species)
Scaridium elegans Segers & De Meester 1994 (Species)
Scaridium longicaudum (Mller, 1786) (Species)
Scaridium bostjani Daems & Dumont 1974 (Species)
Proalidae (Family)
Bryceella (Genus)
Bryceella tenella (Bryce, 1897) (Species)
Bryceella stylata (Milne, 1886) (Species)
Wulfertia (Genus)
Wulfertia ornata Donner, 1943 (Species)
Wulfertia kindensis Koste & Tobias 1990 (Species)
Wulfertia kivuensis De Smet 1992 (Species)
Proales (Genus)
Proales similis de Beauchamp 1907 (Species)
Proales provida Wulfert, 1938 (Species)
Proales phaeopis Myers, 1933 (Species)
Proales gonothyraeae Remane, 1929 (Species)
Proales globulifera (Hauer, 1921) (Species)
Proales sigmoidea (Skorikov, 1896) (Species)
Proales werneckii (Ehrenberg, 1834) (Species)
Proales wesenbergi Wulfert, 1960 (Species)
Proales theodora (Gosse, 1887) (Species)
Proales syltensis Tzschaschel, 1978 (Species)
Proales sordida Gosse, 1886 (Species)
Proales reinhardti (Ehrenberg, 1834) (Species)
Proales segnis Myers, 1938 (Species)
Proales gigantea (Glascott, 1893) (Species)
Proales pugio Nogrady, 1983 (Species)
Proales paguri Thane-Fenchel, 1966 (Species)
Proales parasita (Ehrenberg, 1838) (Species)
Proales litoralis De Smet, 1996 (Species)
Proales macrura Myers, 1933 (Species)
Proales oculata Tzschaschel, 1978 (Species)
Proales minima (Montet, 1915) (Species)
Proales lenta Wlastow, 1956 (Species)
Proales kostei Nogrady & Smol 1989 (Species)
Proales halophila Remane, 1929 (Species)
Proales indirae Wulfert, 1966 (Species)
Proales fallaciosa Wulfert 1937 (Species)
Proales gladia Myers, 1933 (Species)
Proales cognita Myers, 1933 (Species)
Proales germanica Tzschaschel, 1978 (Species)
Proales decipiens (Ehrenberg, 1832) (Species)
Proales daphnicola Thompson, 1892 (Species)
Proales christinae De Smet, 1994 (Species)
Proales bemata Myers, 1933 (Species)
Proales commutata Althaus, 1957 (Species)
Proales alba Wulfert, 1939 (Species)
Proales adenodes Myers, 1933 (Species)
Proales simplex Wang, 1961 (Species)
Proales palimmeka Myers, 1940 (Species)
Proales micropus (Gosse, 1886) (Species)
Proales ornata Myers, 1933 (Species)
Proales granulosa Myers, 1933 (Species)
Proales baradlana Varga, 1958 (Species)
Proales cryptopus Wulfert, 1935 (Species)
Proales doliaris (Rousselet, 1895) (Species)
Proalinopsis (Genus)
Proalinopsis selene Myers, 1933 (Species)
Proalinopsis phacus Myers, 1933 (Species)
Proalinopsis staurus Harring & Myers 1924 (Species)
Proalinopsis caudatus (Collins, 1873) (Species)
Proalinopsis gracilis Myers, 1933 (Species)
Proalinopsis squamipes Hauer, 1935 (Species)
Notommatidae (Family)
Pourriotia (Genus)
Pourriotia carcharodonta De Smet, 2003 (Species)
Sphyrias (Genus)
Sphyrias lophuana (Rousselet, 1913) (Species)
Pseudoharringia (Genus)
Pseudoharringia similis Fadeew, 1925 (Species)
Tylotrocha (Genus)
Tylotrocha monopus Harring & Myers, 1922 (Species)
Rousseletia (Genus)
Rousseletia corniculata Harring, 1914 (Species)
Eosphora (Genus)
Eosphora ehrenbergi Weber & Montet, 1918 (Species)
Eosphora therina Harring & Myers, 1922 (Species)
Eosphora thoides Wulfert 1935 (Species)
Eosphora najas Ehrenberg 1830 (Species)
Eosphora thoa Harring & Myers 1924 (Species)
Eosphora anthadis Harring & Myers 1922 (Species)
Eosphora gibba Garner, 1937 (Species)
Pleurata (Genus)
Pleurata tithasa (Harring & Myers, 1922) (Species)
Pleurata tyleri (Koste, Shiel & Tan,1988) (Species)
Pleurata vernalis (Wulfert 1935) (Species)
Pleurata thura (Myers 1933) (Species)
Pleurata trypeta (Harring & Myers, 1922) (Species)
Pleurata chalicodes (Myers, 1933) (Species)
Pleurotrocha (Genus)
Pleurotrocha aurea (Zawadovsky, 1916) (Species)
Pleurotrocha altila Myers, 1940 (Species)
Pleurotrocha uroglenae de Beauchamp, 1948 (Species)
Pleurotrocha robusta (Glascott, 1893) (Species)
Pleurotrocha larvarum Vlastov, 1956 (Species)
Pleurotrocha petromyzon (Ehrenberg, 1830) (Species)
Pleurotrocha channa Myers, 1933 (Species)
Pleurotrocha elegans Zawadovsky, 1926 (Species)
Pleurotrocha atlantica Myers, 1940 (Species)
Pleurotrochopsis (Genus)
Pleurotrochopsis multispinosa (Fadeew, 1925) (Species)
Dorystoma (Genus)
Dorystoma furcata Wulfert, 1939 (Species)
Dorystoma caudata (Bilfinger, 1894) (Species)
Eothinia (Genus)
Eothinia poitera Myers, 1933 (Species)
Eothinia eukolpa Myers, 1940 (Species)
Eothinia triphaea Harring & Myers 1924 (Species)
Eothinia argus Harring & Myers, 1924 (Species)
Eothinia elongata (Ehrenberg, 1832) (Species)
Eothinia caragaensis Myers, 1937 (Species)
Resticula (Genus)
Resticula melandocus (Gosse, 1887) (Species)
Resticula gelida (Harring & Myers, 1922) (Species)
Resticula nyssa Harring and Myers, 1924 (Species)
Resticula anceps Harring & Myers, 1924 (Species)
Resticula vermiculus Wulfert, 1935 (Species)
Resticula lestes Wulfert, 1935 (Species)
Resticula plicata Wulfert 1935 (Species)
Taphrocampa (Genus)
Taphrocampa clavigera Stokes, 1896 (Species)
Taphrocampa annulosa Gosse, 1851 (Species)
Taphrocampa lemurensis Berzin?, 1982 (Species)
Taphrocampa selenura Gosse 1887 (Species)
Enteroplea (Genus)
Enteroplea lacustris Ehrenberg, 1830 (Species)
Monommata (Genus)
Monommata actices Myers 1930 (Species)
Monommata aeschyna Myers, 1930 (Species)
Monommata appendiculata Stenroos, 1898 (Species)
Monommata pseudophoxa Wulfert, 1960 (Species)
Monommata maculata Myers, 1930 (Species)
Monommata longiseta (Mller, 1786) (Species)
Monommata viridis Myers, 1937 (Species)
Monommata diaphora Myers, 1930 (Species)
Monommata hyalina Myers, 1930 (Species)
Monommata caeca Myers, 1930 (Species)
Monommata enedra Myers, 1930 (Species)
Monommata aequalis (Ehrenberg, 1832) (Species)
Monommata astia Myers, 1930 (Species)
Monommata grandis Tessin, 1890 (Species)
Monommata phoxa Myers, 1930 (Species)
Monommata caudata Myers, 1930 (Species)
Monommata dentata Wulfert, 1940 (Species)
Notommata (Genus)
Notommata venusta Harring & Myers, 1922 (Species)
Notommata spinata Koste & Shiel 1991 (Species)
Notommata longina Pourriot, 1995 (Species)
Notommata pachyura (Gosse, 1886) (Species)
Notommata copeus Ehrenberg 1834 (Species)
Notommata haueri Wulfert, 1939 (Species)
Notommata groenlandica Bergendal, 1892 (Species)
Notommata rugosa Myers, 1933 (Species)
Notommata silpha (Gosse, 1887) (Species)
Notommata fasciola Myers, 1933 (Species)
Notommata endoxa Myers, 1933 (Species)
Notommata silphoides de Beauchamp, 1923 (Species)
Notommata weberi Voigt, 1957 (Species)
Notommata voigti Donner 1949 (Species)
Notommata thopica Harring & Myers, 1924 (Species)
Notommata tripus Ehrenberg 1838 (Species)
Notommata saccigera Ehrenberg, 1832 (Species)
Notommata pygmaea Harring & Myers, 1922 (Species)
Notommata stitista Myers, 1937 (Species)
Notommata prodota Myers, 1933 (Species)
Notommata peridia Harring and Myers, 1922 (Species)
Notommata placida Harring & Myers, 1922 (Species)
Notommata pseudocerberus de Beauchamp, 1908 (Species)
Notommata omentata Wulfert, 1939 (Species)
Notommata mera Donner, 1970 (Species)
Notommata gisleni Berzin?, 1949 (Species)
Notommata lenis Harring and Myers, 1922 (Species)
Notommata falcinella Harring & Myers, 1922 (Species)
Notommata glyphura Wulfert 1935 (Species)
Notommata diasema Myers, 1936 (Species)
Notommata doneta Harring and Myers, 1924 (Species)
Notommata contorta (Stokes, 1897) (Species)
Notommata cyrtopus Gosse, 1886 (Species)
Notommata cyrtopus subsp. paracyrtopus de Beauchamp, 1932 (Infraspecies)
Notommata cyrtopus subsp. cyrtopus Gosse, 1886 (Infraspecies)
Notommata brachiota Ehrenberg, 1832 (Species)
Notommata cerberus (Gosse, 1886) (Species)
Notommata codonella Harring and Myers, 1924 (Species)
Notommata codonella subsp. codonella Harring & Myers, 1924 (Infraspecies)
Notommata codonella subsp. galena Harring & Myers, 1922 (Infraspecies)
Notommata cherada Myers, 1938 (Species)
Notommata apochaeta Myers, 1933 (Species)
Notommata bennetschi Myers, 1942 (Species)
Notommata aethis Myers, 1933 (Species)
Notommata allantois Wulfert 1935 (Species)
Notommata aurita (Mller, 1786) (Species)
Notommata collaris Ehrenberg 1832 (Species)
Notommata avena Myers, 1933 (Species)
Notommata angusta Harring & Myers, 1922 (Species)
Drilophaga (Genus)
Drilophaga judayi Harring & Myers, 1926 (Species)
Drilophaga delagei de Beauchamp, 1904 (Species)
Drilophaga bucephalus Vejdovsky, 1883 (Species)
Cephalodella (Genus)
Cephalodella compacta Wiszniewski, 1934 (Species)
Cephalodella catellina Mller, 1786 (Species)
Cephalodella anebodica Berzin?, 1976 (Species)
Cephalodella vittata Kutikova, 1985 (Species)
Cephalodella ablusa Myers, 1934 (Species)
Cephalodella tincaformis Koste 1992 (Species)
Cephalodella licinia Myers, 1924 (Species)
Cephalodella poitera Myers, 1934 (Species)
Cephalodella biungulata Wulfert 1937 (Species)
Cephalodella tenuior (Gosse, 1886) (Species)
Cephalodella segersi De Smet, 1998 (Species)
Cephalodella gracilis (Ehrenberg, 1832) (Species)
Cephalodella gracilis subsp. keta Reed, 1978 (Infraspecies)
Cephalodella gracilis subsp. gracilis (Ehrenberg, 1832) (Infraspecies)
Cephalodella gobio Wulfert, 1937 (Species)
Cephalodella lipara Myers, 1924 (Species)
Cephalodella zeteta Wulfert, 1961 (Species)
Cephalodella marina Myers, 1924 (Species)
Cephalodella tachyphora Myers, 1924 (Species)
Cephalodella sterea (Gosse, 1887) (Species)
Cephalodella cyclops Wulfert, 1937 (Species)
Cephalodella delicata Wulfert, 1937 (Species)
Cephalodella collactea Myers, 1934 (Species)
Cephalodella calosa Wulfert, 1956 (Species)
Cephalodella conica Nogrady, 1962 (Species)
Cephalodella crassipes (Lord, 1903) (Species)
Cephalodella decidua Rodewald, 1935 (Species)
Cephalodella carina Wulfert, 1959 (Species)
Cephalodella asta Donner, 1970 (Species)
Cephalodella brandorffi Koste, 2000 (Species)
Cephalodella asarcia Myers, 1942 (Species)
Cephalodella doryphora Myers, 1924 (Species)
Cephalodella auriculata (Mller, 1773) (Species)
Cephalodella belone Myers, 1924 (Species)
Cephalodella angusta Myers, 1934 (Species)
Cephalodella astricta Myers, 1934 (Species)
Cephalodella apocolea Myers, 1924 (Species)
Cephalodella abstrusa Myers, 1934 (Species)
Cephalodella boettgeri Koste, 1988 (Species)
Cephalodella conjuncta Myers, 1940 (Species)
Cephalodella harringi Smirnov 1927 (Species)
Cephalodella akrobeles Myers, 1934 (Species)
Cephalodella tempesta Wulfert, 1956 (Species)
Cephalodella tantilla Myers, 1924 (Species)
Cephalodella mucosa Myers, 1934 (Species)
Cephalodella mucronata Myers, 1924 (Species)
Cephalodella retusa Myers, 1924 (Species)
Cephalodella rigida Donner, 1950 (Species)
Cephalodella volvocicola (Zawadovsky, 1916) (Species)
Cephalodella wrighti Wulfert, 1960 (Species)
Cephalodella speciosa Myers, 1924 (Species)
Cephalodella xenica Myers 1924 (Species)
Cephalodella vitella Wulfert, 1956 (Species)
Cephalodella ventripes (Dixon-Nutall, 1901) (Species)
Cephalodella trigona (Rousselet, 1895) (Species)
Cephalodella unguitata Hauer, 1935 (Species)
Cephalodella vacuna Myers, 1924 (Species)
Cephalodella tenuiseta (Burn, 1890) (Species)
Cephalodella tinca Wulfert 1937 (Species)
Cephalodella tenuis Koch-Althaus, 1962 (Species)
Cephalodella strigosa Myers, 1924 (Species)
Cephalodella tantilloides Hauer 1935 (Species)
Cephalodella somniculosa Margalef, 1948 (Species)
Cephalodella songkhlaensis Segers & Pholpunthin, 1997 (Species)
Cephalodella subsecunda Myers, 1924 (Species)
Cephalodella irisae Koste, Janetzky & Vareschi,1993 (Species)
Cephalodella inquilina Myers, 1924 (Species)
Cephalodella rostrum Reed, 1978 (Species)
Cephalodella labiosa Wulfert, 1940 (Species)
Cephalodella jakubskii Wiszniewski 1953 (Species)
Cephalodella lepida Myers, 1934 (Species)
Cephalodella latifulcrum (Berzin?, 1976) (Species)
Cephalodella lindamayae Koste & Shiel, 1986 (Species)
Cephalodella limosa Wulfert, 1937 (Species)
Cephalodella licina Wulfert, 1961 (Species)
Cephalodella megalocephala (Glascott, 1893) (Species)
Cephalodella maior (Zawadovsky, 1926) (Species)
Cephalodella macrodactyla (Stenroos, 1898) (Species)
Cephalodella qionghaiensis Koste & Zhuge, 1998 (Species)
Cephalodella megalotrocha Wiszniewski, 1934 (Species)
Cephalodella pseudoeva Berzin?, 1976 (Species)
Cephalodella psammophila Koch-Althaus, 1962 (Species)
Cephalodella reimanni Donner, 1950 (Species)
Cephalodella plicata Myers, 1924 (Species)
Cephalodella praelonga Myers, 1934 (Species)
Cephalodella parasitica (Jennings, 1894) (Species)
Cephalodella planera Myers, 1940 (Species)
Cephalodella physalis Myers, 1924 (Species)
Cephalodella paxilla Myers, 1924 (Species)
Cephalodella paxi Wulfert, 1959 (Species)
Cephalodella panarista Myers 1924 (Species)
Cephalodella papillosa Myers, 1924 (Species)
Cephalodella paggiae Koste & Robertson, 1983 (Species)
Cephalodella pachydactyla Wulfert 1937 (Species)
Cephalodella mus Wulfert, 1956 (Species)
Cephalodella obesa Donner, 1949 (Species)
Cephalodella obvia Donner, 1949 (Species)
Cephalodella oxydactyla Wulfert, 1937 (Species)
Cephalodella monica Koste & Tobias, 1998 (Species)
Cephalodella nana Myers, 1924 (Species)
Cephalodella minora Wulfert, 1960 (Species)
Cephalodella montana Myers, 1942 (Species)
Cephalodella hoodii (Gosse, 1886) (Species)
Cephalodella incila Wulfert, 1937 (Species)
Cephalodella mineri Myers, 1924 (Species)
Cephalodella hiulca Myers, 1924 (Species)
Cephalodella hollowdayi Koste, 1986 (Species)
Cephalodella globata (Gosse, 1887) (Species)
Cephalodella gusuleaci Rodewald, 1935 (Species)
Cephalodella gisleni Berzin?, 1953 (Species)
Cephalodella glypha Wulfert, 1950 (Species)
Cephalodella friebei Koste, Robertson & Hardy,1984 (Species)
Cephalodella gibba (Ehrenberg, 1832) (Species)
Cephalodella gigantea Remane 1933 (Species)
Cephalodella gibboides Wulfert, 1951 (Species)
Cephalodella forficula (Ehrenberg, 1832) (Species)
Cephalodella forficata (Ehrenberg, 1832) (Species)
Cephalodella exigua (Gosse, 1886) (Species)
Cephalodella forceps Donner, 1950 (Species)
Cephalodella clara Wulfert, 1944 (Species)
Cephalodella evabroedae De Smet, 1988 (Species)
Cephalodella euknema Myers, 1934 (Species)
Cephalodella eupoda Myers 1924 (Species)
Cephalodella eunoma Myers, 1940 (Species)
Cephalodella eurynota Myers, 1934 (Species)
Cephalodella elegans Myers, 1924 (Species)
Cephalodella elongata Myers, 1924 (Species)
Cephalodella dorystoma Myers, 1934 (Species)
Cephalodella edax Hollowday, 1993 (Species)
Cephalodella derbyi (Dixon-Nutall & Freeman, 1903) (Species)
Cephalodella dixonnutalli Myers, 1924 (Species)
Cephalodella tecta Donner, 1950 (Species)
Cephalodella rotunda Wulfert 1937 (Species)
Cephalodella rotunda subsp. bryophila Pawlowski, 1938 (Infraspecies)
Cephalodella rotunda subsp. rotunda Wulfert, 1937 (Infraspecies)
Cephalodella laisa Hauer, 1935 (Species)
Cephalodella intuta Myers, 1924 (Species)
Cephalodella intuta subsp. jamaicaiensis Koste, Janetzky & Vareschi,1993 (Infraspecies)
Cephalodella intuta subsp. intuta Myers, 1924 (Infraspecies)
Cephalodella pentaplax Wulfert, 1943 (Species)
Cephalodella pheloma Myers, 1924 (Species)
Cephalodella nelitis Myers, 1924 (Species)
Cephalodella pachyodon Wulfert, 1937 (Species)
Cephalodella mira Myers, 1934 (Species)
Cephalodella misgurnus Wulfert 1937 (Species)
Cephalodella hyalina Myers, 1924 (Species)
Cephalodella melia Myers, 1924 (Species)
Cephalodella graciosa Wulfert, 1951 (Species)
Cephalodella euderbyi Wulfert 1940 (Species)
Cephalodella eva (Gosse, 1887) (Species)
Cephalodella fluviatilis (Zawadovsky, 1926) (Species)
Cephalodella arcuata Wulfert, 1937 (Species)
Cephalodella glandulosa Koch-Althaus, 1962 (Species)
Cephalodella dora Wulfert, 1961 (Species)
Cephalodella doseyi Myers, 1924 (Species)
Cephalodella compressa Myers, 1924 (Species)
Cephalodella dentata Wulfert, 1937 (Species)
Cephalodella celeris Myers, 1937 (Species)
Cephalodella innesi Myers 1924 (Species)
Cephalodella theodora Koch-Althaus, 1961 (Species)
Microcodidae (Family)
Microcodon (Genus)
Microcodon clavus Ehrenberg, 1830 (Species)
Mytilinidae (Family)
Lophocharis (Genus)
Lophocharis salpina (Ehrenberg, 1834) (Species)
Lophocharis rubens Wulfert, 1939 (Species)
Lophocharis parva Rudescu, 1960 (Species)
Lophocharis oxysternon (Gosse, 1851) (Species)
Lophocharis ambidentata De Ridder, 1960 (Species)
Lophocharis turanica Mirabdullaev, 1992 (Species)
Lophocharis curvata Berzin?, 1982 (Species)
Lophocharis naias Wulfert, 1942 (Species)
Lophocharis hutchinsoni Edmondson, 1935 (Species)
Lophocharis kutikovae Mirabdullaev, 1992 (Species)
Mytilina (Genus)
Mytilina compressa (Gosse, 1851) (Species)
Mytilina crassipes (Lucks, 1912) (Species)
Mytilina videns (Levander, 1894) (Species)
Mytilina trigona (Gosse, 1851) (Species)
Mytilina michelangelii Reid & Turner, 1988 (Species)
Mytilina mucronata (Mller, 1773) (Species)
Mytilina mucronata subsp. mucronata (Mller, 1773) (Infraspecies)
Mytilina mucronata subsp. spinigera (Ehrenberg, 1832) (Infraspecies)
Mytilina mucronata subsp. sumatrana Berzin?, 1982 (Infraspecies)
Mytilina mucronata subsp. longicauda Dartnall & Hollowday, 1985 (Infraspecies)
Mytilina macrocera (Jennings, 1894) (Species)
Mytilina bisulcata (Lucks, 1912) (Species)
Mytilina lobata Pourriot, 1996 (Species)
Mytilina acanthophora Hauer 1938 (Species)
Mytilina unguipes (Lucks, 1912) (Species)
Mytilina ventralis (Ehrenberg, 1832) (Species)
Mytilina ventralis subsp. brevispina (Ehrenberg, 1832) (Infraspecies)
Mytilina ventralis subsp. ventralis (Ehrenberg, 1832) (Infraspecies)
Mytilina ventralis subsp. longidactyla Wulfert, 1965 (Infraspecies)
Mytilina bicarinata (Perty, 1850) (Species)
Mytilina carpatica Varga, 1962 (Species)
Lindiidae (Family)
Lindia (Genus)
Lindia ecela Myers, 1933 (Species)
Lindia producta Harring & Myers, 1922 (Species)
Lindia pallida Harring & Myers, 1922 (Species)
Lindia torulosa Dujardin 1841 (Species)
Lindia truncata (Jennings, 1894) (Species)
Lindia elsae De Smet, 2006 (Species)
Lindia gracilis Myers, 1938 (Species)
Lindia gravitata (Lie-Pettersen, 1906) (Species)
Lindia janickii Wiszniewski, 1934 (Species)
Lindia deridderae Koste 1980 (Species)
Lindia candida Harring & Myers, 1922 (Species)
Lindia caerulea Myers, 1933 (Species)
Lindia annecta Harring & Myers 1922 (Species)
Lindia euchromatica Edmondson, 1938 (Species)
Lindia tecusa Harring & Myers, 1922 (Species)
Lindia fulva Harring & Myers, 1922 (Species)
Lecanidae (Family)
Lecane (Genus)
Lecane aculeata (Jakubski, 1912) (Species)
Lecane acanthinula (Hauer 1938) (Species)
Lecane abanica Segers 1994 (Species)
Lecane acus (Harring, 1913) (Species)
Lecane arcuata (Bryce 1891) (Species)
Lecane amazonica (Murray 1913) (Species)
Lecane aeganea Harring, 1914 (Species)
Lecane nwadiaroi Segers, 1993 (Species)
Lecane opias (Harring & Myers, 1926) (Species)
Lecane stichoclysta Segers, 1993 (Species)
Lecane agilis (Bryce, 1892) (Species)
Lecane ordwayi Bienert, 1986 (Species)
Lecane rudescui Hauer, 1965 (Species)
Lecane segersi Sanoamuang, 1996 (Species)
Lecane nigeriensis Segers 1993 (Species)
Lecane ohioensis (Herrick, 1885) (Species)
Lecane namatai Segers & Mertens, 1997 (Species)
Lecane paradoxa (Steinecke 1916) (Species)
Lecane marchantaria Koste & Robertson, 1983 (Species)
Lecane lunaris (Ehrenberg, 1832) (Species)
Lecane ludwigii (Eckstein, 1883) (Species)
Lecane mira (Murray, 1913) (Species)
Lecane kluchor Tarnogradski, 1930 (Species)
Lecane jainitaensis Sharma, 1987 (Species)
Lecane infula Harring & Myers, 1926 (Species)
Lecane monostyla (Daday, 1897) (Species)
Lecane decipiens (Murray, 1913) (Species)
Lecane donneri Chengalath and Mulamoottil, 1974 (Species)
Lecane calcaria Harring & Myers 1926 (Species)
Lecane closterocerca (Schmarda, 1859) (Species)
Lecane ercodes Harring, 1914 (Species)
Lecane braumi Koste, 1988 (Species)
Lecane broaensis Segers & Dumont, 1995 (Species)
Lecane gwileti (Tarnogradski, 1930) (Species)
Lecane hastata (Murray, 1913) (Species)
Lecane stokesi (Pell, 1890) (Species)
Lecane sverigis Ahlstrom, 1934 (Species)
Lecane sympoda Hauer, 1929 (Species)
Lecane tenuiseta Harring, 1914 (Species)
Lecane urna Nogrady, 1962 (Species)
Lecane spinulifera Edmondson, 1935 (Species)
Lecane simonneae Segers, 1993 (Species)
Lecane ungulata (Gosse, 1887) (Species)
Lecane arcula Harring, 1914 (Species)
Lecane plesia Myers, 1936 (Species)
Lecane grandis (Murray, 1913) (Species)
Lecane galeata (Bryce, 1892) (Species)
Lecane gillardi (Berzin?, 1960) (Species)
Lecane fadeevi Neiswestnova-Schadina, 1935 (Species)
Lecane flabellata Edmondson, 1936 (Species)
Lecane formosa Harring & Myers 1926 (Species)
Lecane flexilis (Gosse, 1886) (Species)
Lecane gallagherorum Segers, 1997 (Species)
Lecane levistyla (Olofsson, 1917) (Species)
Lecane superaculeata Sanoamuang & Segers, 1997 (Species)
Lecane rhenana Hauer 1929 (Species)
Lecane niwati Segers, Kothetip & Sanoamuang,2004 (Species)
Lecane boettgeri Koste, 1986 (Species)
Lecane batillifer (Murray, 1913) (Species)
Lecane marshi Harring, 1914 (Species)
Lecane tryphema Harring & Myers, 1924 (Species)
Lecane sinuata Hauer, 1938 (Species)
Lecane punctata (Murray 1913) (Species)
Lecane furcata (Murray, 1913) (Species)
Lecane armata Thomasson, 1971 (Species)
Lecane aspasia Myers, 1917 (Species)
Lecane bifurca (Bryce 1892) (Species)
Lecane baimaii Sanoamuang & Savatenalinton, 1999 (Species)
Lecane bifastigata Hauer 1938 (Species)
Lecane blachei Berzin?, 1973 (Species)
Lecane asymmetrica (Murray 1913) (Species)
Lecane unguitata (Fadeev, 1925) (Species)
Lecane whitfordi (Ahlstrom, 1938) (Species)
Lecane verecunda Harring and Myers, 1926 (Species)
Lecane venusta Harring & Myers 1926 (Species)
Lecane undulata Hauer, 1938 (Species)
Lecane uenoi Yamamoto 1951 (Species)
Lecane thienemanni (Hauer, 1938) (Species)
Lecane thailandensis Segers & Sanoamuang, 1994 (Species)
Lecane tabulifera Edmondson, 1936 (Species)
Lecane thalera (Harring & Myers, 1924) (Species)
Lecane tenua Myers, 1936 (Species)
Lecane tanganyikae Segers & Baribwegure, 1996 (Species)
Lecane syngenes (Hauer, 1938) (Species)
Lecane symoensi De Ridder, 1981 (Species)
Lecane sylviae Segers, 1993 (Species)
Lecane subulata (Harring & Myers 1926) (Species)
Lecane styrax (Harring & Myers, 1926) (Species)
Lecane ruttneri Hauer 1938 (Species)
Lecane stichaea Harring, 1913 (Species)
Lecane stephensae (Hutchinson, 1931) (Species)
Lecane stenroosi (Meissner, 1908) (Species)
Lecane spiniventris Segers, 1994 (Species)
Lecane solfatara (Hauer, 1938) (Species)
Lecane perplexa (Ahlstrom, 1938) (Species)
Lecane perpusilla (Hauer 1929) (Species)
Lecane pawlowskii Wulfert, 1966 (Species)
Lecane sola Hauer, 1936 (Species)
Lecane proiecta Hauer 1956 (Species)
Lecane psammophila (Wiszniewski, 1932) (Species)
Lecane rhacois Harring & Myers, 1926 (Species)
Lecane pumila (Rousselet, 1906) (Species)
Lecane pusilla Harring 1914 (Species)
Lecane schraederi Wulfert, 1966 (Species)
Lecane satyrus Harring and Myers, 1926 (Species)
Lecane rhopalura (Harring & Myers 1926) (Species)
Lecane rhytida Harring & Myers 1926 (Species)
Lecane lateralis Sharma, 1978 (Species)
Lecane pustulosa Myers, 1938 (Species)
Lecane shieli Segers & Sanoamuang, 1994 (Species)
Lecane pyrrha Harring and Myers, 1926 (Species)
Lecane pycina Harring and Myers, 1926 (Species)
Lecane pyriformis (Daday, 1905) (Species)
Lecane robertsonae Segers, 1993 (Species)
Lecane sagula Harring & Myers, 1926 (Species)
Lecane scutata (Harring & Myers 1926) (Species)
Lecane rugosa (Harring, 1914) (Species)
Lecane quadridentata (Ehrenberg, 1832) (Species)
Lecane remanei Hauer, 1964 (Species)
Lecane subtilis Harring and Myers, 1926 (Species)
Lecane palinacis Harring & Myers, 1926 (Species)
Lecane noobijupi Segers & Shiel, 2003 (Species)
Lecane obtusa (Murray, 1913) (Species)
Lecane pomiformis Edmondson 1938 (Species)
Lecane pluto Segers & Mertens, 1997 (Species)
Lecane pertica Harring and Myers, 1926 (Species)
Lecane papuana (Murray 1913) (Species)
Lecane paxiana Hauer, 1940 (Species)
Lecane lamellata (Daday, 1893) (Species)
Lecane pelatis Harring and Myers, 1926 (Species)
Lecane kutikowa Koste, 1972 (Species)
Lecane myersi Segers, 1993 (Species)
Lecane niothis Harring and Myers, 1926 (Species)
Lecane nana (Murray, 1913) (Species)
Lecane nelsoni Segers, 1994 (Species)
Lecane tabida Harring & Myers, 1926 (Species)
Lecane nitida (Murray, 1913) (Species)
Lecane lauterborni Hauer, 1924 (Species)
Lecane latissima Yamamoto 1955 (Species)
Lecane leontina (Turner, 1892) (Species)
Lecane leura Myers, 1942 (Species)
Lecane ligona (Dunlop, 1901) (Species)
Lecane luna (Mller, 1776) (Species)
Lecane lungae Savatenalinton & Segers, 2005 (Species)
Lecane margarethae Segers, 1991 (Species)
Lecane margalefi De Manuel, 1994 (Species)
Lecane melini Thomasson, 1953 (Species)
Lecane minuta Segers, 1994 (Species)
Lecane mucronata Harring and Myers, 1926 (Species)
Lecane mitis Harring & Myers 1926 (Species)
Lecane mitella (Myers, 1936) (Species)
Lecane hornemanni (Ehrenberg, 1834) (Species)
Lecane imbricata Carlin, 1939 (Species)
Lecane inconspicua Segers & Dumont, 1993 (Species)
Lecane inermis (Bryce, 1892) (Species)
Lecane inopinata Harring and Myers, 1926 (Species)
Lecane intrasinuata (Olofsson, 1917) (Species)
Lecane inquieta Myers, 1936 (Species)
Lecane ivli (Wiszniewski 1935) (Species)
Lecane isanensis Sanoamuang & Savatenalinton, 2001 (Species)
Lecane jessupi Harring, 1921 (Species)
Lecane junki Koste, 1975 (Species)
Lecane kunthuleensis Chittapun, Pholpunthin & Segers,2003 (Species)
Lecane boliviana Segers 1994 (Species)
Lecane branchicola (Piovanelli 1903) (Species)
Lecane donyanaensis Mazuelos & Segers 1994 (Species)
Lecane boorali Koste & Shiel 1983 (Species)
Lecane difficilis Segers & Pourriot, 1997 (Species)
Lecane deridderae Koste 1972 (Species)
Lecane depressa (Bryce, 1891) (Species)
Lecane crepida Harring, 1914 (Species)
Lecane curvicornis (Murray, 1913) (Species)
Lecane copeis (Harring and Myers, 1926) (Species)
Lecane crenata (Harring, 1913) (Species)
Lecane cornuta (Mller, 1786) (Species)
Lecane climacois Harring & Myers 1926 (Species)
Lecane candida Harring & Myers, 1926 (Species)
Lecane clara (Bryce, 1892) (Species)
Lecane bulla (Gosse, 1851) (Species)
Lecane bulla subsp. bulla (Gosse, 1851) (Infraspecies)
Lecane bulla subsp. diabolica (Hauer, 1936) (Infraspecies)
Lecane bryophila Koniar, 1957 (Species)
Lecane braziliensis Segers, 1993 (Species)
Lecane doryssa Harring, 1914 (Species)
Lecane dumonti Segers, 1993 (Species)
Lecane elasma Harring and Myers, 1926 (Species)
Lecane elegans Harring, 1914 (Species)
Lecane elsa Hauer 1931 (Species)
Lecane elongata Harring & Myers 1926 (Species)
Lecane enowi Segers & Mertens, 1997 (Species)
Lecane eswari Dhanapathi, 1976 (Species)
Lecane eutarsa Harring & Myers 1926 (Species)
Lecane eylesi Russell 1953 (Species)
Lecane herzigi Koste, Shiel & Tan,1988 (Species)
Lecane hamata (Stokes, 1896) (Species)
Lecane halsei Segers & Shiel, 2003 (Species)
Lecane haliclysta Harring and Myers, 1926 (Species)
Lecane signifera (Jennings, 1896) (Species)
Lecane signifera subsp. ploensensis (Voigt, 1902) (Infraspecies)
Lecane signifera subsp. signifera (Jennings, 1896) (Infraspecies)
Lecane serrata (Hauer, 1938) (Species)
Lepadellidae (Family)
Paracolurella (Genus)
Paracolurella logima (Myers, 1934) (Species)
Paracolurella aemula (Myers, 1934) (Species)
Squatinella (Genus)
Squatinella lamellaris (Mller, 1786) (Species)
Squatinella geleii Varga, 1933 (Species)
Squatinella leydigii (Zacharias, 1886) (Species)
Squatinella microdactyla (Murray, 1906) (Species)
Squatinella lunata Segers, 1993 (Species)
Squatinella bifurca (Bolton, 1884) (Species)
Squatinella rostrum (Schmarda, 1846) (Species)
Squatinella retrospina Myers, 1938 (Species)
Squatinella longispinata (Tatem, 1867) (Species)
Lepadella (Genus)
Lepadella abbei Wulfert, 1956 (Species)
Lepadella myersiana Voigt 1957 (Species)
Lepadella angusta Berzin?, 1960 (Species)
Lepadella adjuncta Donner, 1943 (Species)
Lepadella apsicora Myers, 1934 (Species)
Lepadella astacicola Hauer, 1926 (Species)
Lepadella deridderae Segers, De Smet & Bonte,1996 (Species)
Lepadella deridderae subsp. deridderae Segers, De Smet & Bonte,1996 (Infraspecies)
Lepadella deridderae subsp. alaskae Segers, De Smet & Bonte,1996 (Infraspecies)
Lepadella donneri Koste, 1972 (Species)
Lepadella dorsalis Rodewald, 1937 (Species)
Lepadella minorui Koste 1981 (Species)
Lepadella lindaui Koste 1981 (Species)
Lepadella margalefi De Ridder, 1964 (Species)
Lepadella costata Wulfert, 1940 (Species)
Lepadella lata Wiszniewski, 1939 (Species)
Lepadella latusinus (Hilgendorf, 1899) (Species)
Lepadella longiseta Myers, 1934 (Species)
Lepadella imbricata Harring, 1916 (Species)
Lepadella kostei Wulfert, 1939 (Species)
Lepadella heterodactyla Fadeew, 1925 (Species)
Lepadella heterostyla (Murray, 1914) (Species)
Lepadella hyalina Smirnov, 1927 (Species)
Lepadella apsida Harring, 1916 (Species)
Lepadella favorita Klement, 1962 (Species)
Lepadella gelida Berzin?, 1976 (Species)
Lepadella glossa Wulfert, 1960 (Species)
Lepadella eurysterna Myers 1942 (Species)
Lepadella ehrenbergii (Perty, 1850) (Species)
Lepadella evaginata Rodewald, 1934 (Species)
Lepadella degreefi De Smet, 1989 (Species)
Lepadella desmeti Segers & Chittapun, 2001 (Species)
Lepadella discoidea Segers 1993 (Species)
Lepadella biloba Hauer 1958 (Species)
Lepadella borealis Harring, 1916 (Species)
Lepadella branchicola Hauer, 1926 (Species)
Lepadella amazonica Segers, 1993 (Species)
Lepadella mataca Jos de Paggi, 2001 (Species)
Lepadella mica Zivkovic, 1987 (Species)
Lepadella mascarensis Berzin?, 1982 (Species)
Lepadella amphitropis Harring, 1916 (Species)
Lepadella amphitropis subsp. amphitropis Harring, 1916 (Infraspecies)
Lepadella amphitropis subsp. victoriensis Berzin?, 1982 (Infraspecies)
Lepadella acrobeles Myers, 1934 (Species)
Lepadella sali Berzin?, 1976 (Species)
Lepadella tricostata Koste 1990 (Species)
Lepadella wrighti Koste, 1972 (Species)
Lepadella whitfordi Ahlstrom, 1938 (Species)
Lepadella visenda Myers, 1934 (Species)
Lepadella xenica Myers, 1934 (Species)
Lepadella vanoyei De Ridder, 1961 (Species)
Lepadella venefica Myers, 1934 (Species)
Lepadella vitrea (Shephard, 1911) (Species)
Lepadella triba Myers, 1934 (Species)
Lepadella tyleri Koste & Shiel, 1987 (Species)
Lepadella vandenbrandei Gillard 1952 (Species)
Lepadella riedeli De Ridder, 1966 (Species)
Lepadella tenella Wulfert, 1942 (Species)
Lepadella rottenburgi (Lucks 1912) (Species)
Lepadella strepta Berzin?, 1984 (Species)
Lepadella tana Koste & Shiel, 1987 (Species)
Lepadella rhomboides (Gosse, 1886) (Species)
Lepadella rhomboides subsp. signiensis Dartnall & Hollowday, 1985 (Infraspecies)
Lepadella rhomboides subsp. leentvaari Berzin?, 1979 (Infraspecies)
Lepadella rhomboides subsp. rhomboides (Gosse, 1886) (Infraspecies)
Lepadella rhodesiana Wulfert, 1965 (Species)
Lepadella rhomboidula (Bryce, 1890) (Species)
Lepadella quinquecostata (Lucks, 1912) (Species)
Lepadella quinquecostata subsp. nevadensis Morales-Baquero, 1987 (Infraspecies)
Lepadella quinquecostata subsp. quinquecostata (Lucks, 1912) (Infraspecies)
Lepadella punctata Wulfert, 1939 (Species)
Lepadella pyriformis Myers, 1938 (Species)
Lepadella quadricurvata Francez & Pourriot, 1984 (Species)
Lepadella obtusa Wang, 1961 (Species)
Lepadella ovalis (Mller, 1786) (Species)
Lepadella nartiangensis Sharma, 1987 (Species)
Lepadella neglecta Segers & Dumont, 1995 (Species)
Lepadella nympha Donner, 1943 (Species)
Lepadella myersi Edmondson, 1933 (Species)
Lepadella monodi Berzin?, 1959 (Species)
Lepadella neboissi Berzin?, 1960 (Species)
Lepadella minuscula Barto?, 1955 (Species)
Lepadella monodactyla Berzin?, 1960 (Species)
Lepadella monodactyla subsp. braziliensis Koste, 1972 (Infraspecies)
Lepadella monodactyla subsp. monodactyla Berzin?, 1960 (Infraspecies)
Lepadella cristata (Rousselet, 1893) (Species)
Lepadella triptera (Ehrenberg 1830) (Species)
Lepadella minoruoides Koste & Robertson, 1983 (Species)
Lepadella duvigneaudi De Ridder, 1969 (Species)
Lepadella serrata Yamamoto, 1951 (Species)
Lepadella triprojectus Sharma, 1978 (Species)
Lepadella pumilo Hauer, 1931 (Species)
Lepadella salisburii Ahlstrom, 1934 (Species)
Lepadella pseudosimilis Koch-Althaus, 1963 (Species)
Lepadella pterygoidea (Dunlop, 1897) (Species)
Lepadella ptilota Berzin?, 1960 (Species)
Lepadella pontica Koch-Althaus, 1957 (Species)
Lepadella psammophila Tzschaschel, 1979 (Species)
Lepadella princisi Berzin?, 1943 (Species)
Lepadella parvula (Bryce, 1893) (Species)
Lepadella patella (Mller, 1786) (Species)
Lepadella patella subsp. persimilis De Ridder, 1961 (Infraspecies)
Lepadella patella subsp. oblonga (Ehrenberg, 1834) (Infraspecies)
Lepadella patella subsp. patella (Mller, 1786) (Infraspecies)
Lepadella pejleri Bjrklund, 1969 (Species)
Lepadella paparoa Berzin?, 1982 (Species)
Lepadella parasitica Hauer, 1926 (Species)
Lepadella bractea Myers, 1934 (Species)
Lepadella intermedia Dartnall & Hollowday, 1985 (Species)
Lepadella haueri Rodewald, 1935 (Species)
Lepadella elliptica Wulfert 1939 (Species)
Lepadella quadricarinata (Stenroos, 1898) (Species)
Lepadella acuminata (Ehrenberg, 1834) (Species)
Lepadella curvicaudata Turner, 191990 (Species)
Lepadella cryphaea Harring, 1916 (Species)
Lepadella costatoides Segers 1992 (Species)
Lepadella chengalathi Koste & Shiel 1980 (Species)
Lepadella minuta (Weber & Montet, 1918) (Species)
Lepadella cornuta Koste & Shiel, 1989 (Species)
Lepadella canadensis Myers, 1934 (Species)
Lepadella bidentata Voronkov, 1913 (Species)
Lepadella bicornis Vasisht & Battish, 1971 (Species)
Lepadella beyensi De Smet, 1994 (Species)
Lepadella benjamini Harring 1916 (Species)
Lepadella decora Berzin?, 1982 (Species)
Lepadella dactyliseta (Stenroos, 1898) (Species)
Lepadella cyrtopus Harring, 1914 (Species)
Lepadella elongata Koste 1992 (Species)
Colurella (Genus)
Colurella hindenburgi Steinecke, 1917 (Species)
Colurella marinovi Althaus, 1957 (Species)
Colurella salina Althaus, 1957 (Species)
Colurella unicauda Eriksen, 1968 (Species)
Colurella psammophila Segers & Chittapun, 2001 (Species)
Colurella paludosa Carlin, 1939 (Species)
Colurella oblonga Donner, 1943 (Species)
Colurella mucronulata Ahlstrom, 1938 (Species)
Colurella sinistra Carlin, 1939 (Species)
Colurella collaris Wulfert, 1965 (Species)
Colurella denticauda Carlin, 1939 (Species)
Colurella colurus (Ehrenberg, 1830) (Species)
Colurella colurus subsp. colurus (Ehrenberg, 1830) (Infraspecies)
Colurella colurus subsp. compressa (Lucks, 1912) (Infraspecies)
Colurella adriatica Ehrenberg 1831 (Species)
Colurella halophila Wulfert, 1942 (Species)
Colurella geophila Donner 1951 (Species)
Colurella dicentra (Gosse, 1887) (Species)
Colurella aquaducti Trk, 1956 (Species)
Colurella anodonta Carlin, 1939 (Species)
Colurella uncinata (Mller, 1773) (Species)
Colurella uncinata subsp. uncinata (Mller, 1773) (Infraspecies)
Colurella uncinata subsp. ornata Fadeew, 1927 (Infraspecies)
Colurella uncinata subsp. deflexa (Ehrenberg, 1834) (Infraspecies)
Colurella uncinata subsp. bicuspidata (Ehrenberg, 1832) (Infraspecies)
Colurella tesselata (Glascott, 1893) (Species)
Colurella sanoamuangae Chittapun, Pholpunthin & Segers,1999 (Species)
Colurella obtusa (Gosse, 1886) (Species)
Colurella obtusa subsp. colpotum Berzin?, 1982 (Infraspecies)
Colurella obtusa subsp. obtusa (Gosse, 1886) (Infraspecies)
Colurella sulcata (Stenroos, 1898) (Species)
Ituridae (Family)
Itura (Genus)
Itura viridis (Stenroos, 1898) (Species)
Itura deridderae Segers 1993 (Species)
Itura myersi Wulfert 1935 (Species)
Itura aurita (Ehrenberg, 1830) (Species)
Itura chamadis Harring & Myers, 1928 (Species)
Itura symmetrica Segers, Mbogo & Dumont,1994 (Species)
Euchlanidae (Family)
Pseudoeuchlanis (Genus)
Pseudoeuchlanis longipedes Dhanapathi, 1978 (Species)
Beauchampiella (Genus)
Beauchampiella eudactylota (Gosse, 1886) (Species)
Dipleuchlanis (Genus)
Dipleuchlanis elegans (Wierzejski, 1893) (Species)
Dipleuchlanis propatula (Gosse, 1886) (Species)
Dipleuchlanis ornata Segers, 1993 (Species)
Tripleuchlanis (Genus)
Tripleuchlanis plicata (Levander, 1894) (Species)
Euchlanis (Genus)
Euchlanis ligulata Kutikova & Vassileva, 1982 (Species)
Euchlanis pyriformis Gosse, 1851 (Species)
Euchlanis dilatata Ehrenberg, 1832 (Species)
Euchlanis dilatata subsp. lucksiana Hauer, 1930 (Infraspecies)
Euchlanis dilatata subsp. dilatata Ehrenberg, 1832 (Infraspecies)
Euchlanis deflexa (Gosse, 1851) (Species)
Euchlanis phryne Myers, 1930 (Species)
Euchlanis dapidula Parise, 1966 (Species)
Euchlanis micropous Koch-Althaus, 1962 (Species)
Euchlanis oropha Gosse, 1887 (Species)
Euchlanis triquetra Ehrenberg, 1838 (Species)
Euchlanis meneta Myers, 1930 (Species)
Euchlanis calpidia Myers, 1930 (Species)
Euchlanis callysta Myers, 1930 (Species)
Euchlanis alata Voronkov, 1912 (Species)
Euchlanis semicarinata Segers, 1993 (Species)
Euchlanis lyra Hudson, 1886 (Species)
Euchlanis arenosa Myers, 1936 (Species)
Euchlanis incisa Carlin, 1939 (Species)
Euchlanis contorta Wulfert 1939 (Species)
Euchlanis hyphidactyla Parise, 1963 (Species)
Euchlanis callimorpha Berzin?, 1957 (Species)
Gastropodidae (Family)
Gastropus (Genus)
Gastropus hyptopus (Ehrenberg, 1838) (Species)
Gastropus minor (Rousselet, 1892) (Species)
Gastropus stylifer (Imhof, 1891) (Species)
Ascomorpha (Genus)
Ascomorpha dumonti De Smet, 1992 (Species)
Ascomorpha agilis Zacharias, 1893 (Species)
Ascomorpha minima Hofsten, 1909 (Species)
Ascomorpha ecaudis Perty, 1850 (Species)
Ascomorpha saltans Bartsch, 1870 (Species)
Ascomorpha saltans subsp. indica Wulfert, 1966 (Infraspecies)
Ascomorpha saltans subsp. saltans Bartsch, 1870 (Infraspecies)
Ascomorpha klementi (Hauer, 1965) (Species)
Ascomorpha tundisii Segers & Dumont, 1995 (Species)
Ascomorpha ovalis (Bergendahl, 1892) (Species)
Epiphanidae (Family)
Microcodides (Genus)
Microcodides hertha Wulfert, 1941 (Species)
Microcodides robustus (Glascott, 1892) (Species)
Microcodides chlaena (Gosse, 1886) (Species)
Rhinoglena (Genus)
Rhinoglena tokioensis Sudzuki, 1976 (Species)
Rhinoglena frontalis Ehrenberg, 1853 (Species)
Rhinoglena fertoeensis (Varga, 1928) (Species)
Proalides (Genus)
Proalides digitus Donner, 1978 (Species)
Proalides tentaculatus De Beauchamp 1907 (Species)
Proalides subtilis (Rodewald, 1940) (Species)
Epiphanes (Genus)
Epiphanes senta (Mller, 1773) (Species)
Epiphanes brachionus (Ehrenberg, 1837) (Species)
Epiphanes brachionus subsp. brachionus (Ehrenberg, 1837) (Infraspecies)
Epiphanes brachionus subsp. spinosa (Rousselet, 1901) (Infraspecies)
Epiphanes pelagica (Jennings, 1900) (Species)
Epiphanes macroura (Barrois & Daday, 1894) (Species)
Epiphanes clavulata (Ehrenberg 1832) (Species)
Cyrtonia (Genus)
Cyrtonia tuba (Ehrenberg, 1834) (Species)
Brachionidae (Family)
Plationus (Genus)
Plationus patulus (Mller, 1786) (Species)
Plationus patulus subsp. macracanthus (Daday, 1905) (Infraspecies)
Plationus patulus subsp. patulus (Mller, 1786) (Infraspecies)
Plationus polyacanthus (Ehrenberg 1834) (Species)
Plationus felicitas (Wulfert, 1956) (Species)
Anuraeopsis (Genus)
Anuraeopsis quadriantennata (Koste 1974) (Species)
Anuraeopsis miracleae Koste 1991 (Species)
Anuraeopsis sioli Koste, 1972 (Species)
Anuraeopsis urawensis Sudzuki, 1957 (Species)
Anuraeopsis coelata De Beauchamp 1932 (Species)
Anuraeopsis cristata Berzin?, 1956 (Species)
Anuraeopsis fissa Gosse 1851 (Species)
Anuraeopsis navicula Rousselet, 1911 (Species)
Keratella (Genus)
Keratella mexicana Kutikova & Silva-Briano, 1999 (Species)
Keratella cruciformis (Thompson, 1892) (Species)
Keratella shieli Koste 1979 (Species)
Keratella morenoi Modenutti, Diguez & Segers,1998 (Species)
Keratella taurocephala Myers, 1938 (Species)
Keratella valga (Ehrenberg, 1834) (Species)
Keratella canadensis Berzin?, 1954 (Species)
Keratella edmondsoni Ahlstrom, 1943 (Species)
Keratella hiemalis Carlin, 1943 (Species)
Keratella armadura Stemberger, 1990 (Species)
Keratella eichwaldi (Levander, 1894) (Species)
Keratella americana Carlin, 1943 (Species)
Keratella lenzi Hauer 1953 (Species)
Keratella australis Berzin?, 1963 (Species)
Keratella mixta (Oparina-Charitonova, 1924) (Species)
Keratella earlinae Ahlstrom, 1943 (Species)
Keratella maliensis Koste & Tobias, 1987 (Species)
Keratella crassa Ahlstrom, 1943 (Species)
Keratella wangi Zhuge & Huang, 1997 (Species)
Keratella zhugeae Segers & Rong, 1998 (Species)
Keratella yamana Boltovskoy & Urrejola, 1977 (Species)
Keratella quadrata (Mller, 1786) (Species)
Keratella quadrata subsp. quadrata (Mller, 1786) (Infraspecies)
Keratella quadrata subsp. dispersa (Carlin, 1943) (Infraspecies)
Keratella reducta Huber-Pestalozzi, 1929 (Species)
Keratella sancta Russell, 1944 (Species)
Keratella serrulata (Ehrenberg, 1838) (Species)
Keratella sinensis Segers & Wang, 1997 (Species)
Keratella slacki Berzin?, 1963 (Species)
Keratella taksinensis Chittapun, Pholpunthin & Segers,2002 (Species)
Keratella tecta (Gosse 1851) (Species)
Keratella testudo (Ehrenberg, 1832) (Species)
Keratella ticinensis (Callerio, 1921) (Species)
Keratella thomassoni Hauer, 1958 (Species)
Keratella trapezoida Zhuge & Huang, 1998 (Species)
Keratella tropica (Apstein 1907) (Species)
Keratella procurva (Thorpe 1891) (Species)
Keratella procurva subsp. robusta Koste & Shiel, 1980 (Infraspecies)
Keratella procurva subsp. procurva (Thorpe, 1891) (Infraspecies)
Keratella nhamundaiensis Koste 1982 (Species)
Keratella paludosa (Lucks, 1912) (Species)
Keratella ona Boltovskoy & Urrejola, 1977 (Species)
Keratella ahlstromi Russell, 1951 (Species)
Keratella cochlearis (Gosse, 1851) (Species)
Keratella cochlearis subsp. polaris De Smet & Bafort, 1990 (Infraspecies)
Keratella cochlearis subsp. cochlearis (Gosse, 1851) (Infraspecies)
Keratella cochlearis subsp. pachyacantha Thomasson, 1980 (Infraspecies)
Keratella javana Hauer 1937 (Species)
Keratella kostei Paggi, 1981 (Species)
Keratella irregularis (Lauterborn, 1898) (Species)
Keratella mongoliana Segers & Rong, 1998 (Species)
Kellicottia (Genus)
Kellicottia longispina (Kellicott, 1879) (Species)
Kellicottia bostoniensis (Rousselet, 1908) (Species)
Brachionus (Genus)
Brachionus quadridentatus Hermann, 1783 (Species)
Brachionus quadridentatus subsp. quadridentatus Hermann, 1783 (Infraspecies)
Brachionus quadridentatus subsp. melheni Barrois & Daday, 1894 (Infraspecies)
Brachionus quadridentatus subsp. mirabilis Daday, 1897 (Infraspecies)
Brachionus diversicornis (Daday 1883) (Species)
Brachionus zahniseri Ahlstrom, 1934 (Species)
Brachionus schwoerbeli Koste, 1988 (Species)
Brachionus charini Kutikova, Kosova & Khodorevsky,1976 (Species)
Brachionus nilsoni Ahlstrom 1940 (Species)
Brachionus mirus Daday, 1905 (Species)
Brachionus adisi Koste & Hardy, 1984 (Species)
Brachionus bidentatus Anderson 1889 (Species)
Brachionus bidentatus subsp. minor Koste & Shiel, 1980 (Infraspecies)
Brachionus bidentatus subsp. bidentatus Anderson , 1889 (Infraspecies)
Brachionus spatiosus Rousselet 1912 (Species)
Brachionus sessilis Varga 1951 (Species)
Brachionus bennini Leissling 1924 (Species)
Brachionus bennini subsp. beauchampi Sudzuki, 1997 (Infraspecies)
Brachionus bennini subsp. bennini Leissling, 1924 (Infraspecies)
Brachionus rotundiformis Tschugunoff 1921 (Species)
Brachionus sericus Rousselet 1907 (Species)
Brachionus rubens Ehrenberg, 1838 (Species)
Brachionus baylyi Sudzuki & Timms 1977 (Species)
Brachionus huangi Zhuge & Koste, 1996 (Species)
Brachionus postcurvatus Kuczynski, 1991 (Species)
Brachionus kostei Shiel 1983 (Species)
Brachionus josefinae Silva-Briano & Segers, 1992 (Species)
Brachionus durgae Dhanapathi 1974 (Species)
Brachionus satanicus Rousselet, 1913 (Species)
Brachionus africanus Segers, Mbogo & Dumont,1994 (Species)
Brachionus ahlstromi Lindeman, 1939 (Species)
Brachionus amazonicus Koste, 1983 (Species)
Brachionus amsterdamensis De Smet, 2001 (Species)
Brachionus angularis Gosse, 1851 (Species)
Brachionus angularis subsp. angularis Gosse, 1851 (Infraspecies)
Brachionus angularis subsp. bidens Plate, 1886 (Infraspecies)
Brachionus asplanchnoides Charin, 1947 (Species)
Brachionus austrogenitus Ahlstrom, 1940 (Species)
Brachionus calyciflorus Pallas, 1938 (Species)
Brachionus calyciflorus subsp. gigantea Koste & Shiel, 1987 (Infraspecies)
Brachionus calyciflorus subsp. calyciflorus Pallas, 1938 (Infraspecies)
Brachionus budapestinensis Daday, 1885 (Species)
Brachionus caudatus Barrois and Daday, 1894 (Species)
Brachionus srisumonae Segers, Kotethip & Sanoamuang,2004 (Species)
Brachionus urceolaris Mller, 1773 (Species)
Brachionus urceolaris subsp. reductispinis Kuczynski, 1991 (Infraspecies)
Brachionus urceolaris subsp. urceolaris Mller, 1773 (Infraspecies)
Brachionus dichotomus Shephard 1911 (Species)
Brachionus dichotomus subsp. reductus Koste & Shiel, 1980 (Infraspecies)
Brachionus dichotomus subsp. dichotomus Shephard, 1911 (Infraspecies)
Brachionus dimidiatus Bryce 1931 (Species)
Brachionus variabilis Hempel 1896 (Species)
Brachionus variabilis subsp. variabilis Hempel, 1896 (Infraspecies)
Brachionus variabilis subsp. kohamensis Sudzuki, 1992 (Infraspecies)
Brachionus dolabratus Harring, 1915 (Species)
Brachionus donneri Brehm, 1950 (Species)
Brachionus falcatus Zacharias 1898 (Species)
Brachionus forficula Wierzejski 1891 (Species)
Brachionus havanaensis Rousselet, 1911 (Species)
Brachionus ibericus Ciros-Perez Gomez & Serra 2001 (Species)
Brachionus incertus Hauer, 1983 (Species)
Brachionus keikoa Koste 1979 (Species)
Brachionus kultrum Jos de Paggi, 1981 (Species)
Brachionus leydigii Cohn, 1862 (Species)
Brachionus leydigii subsp. rotundus Rousselet, 1907 (Infraspecies)
Brachionus leydigii subsp. leydigii Cohn, 1862 (Infraspecies)
Brachionus lyratus Shephard 1911 (Species)
Brachionus lyratus subsp. tasmaniensis Koste & Shiel, 1986 (Infraspecies)
Brachionus lyratus subsp. lyratus Shephard, 1911 (Infraspecies)
Brachionus murphyi Sudzuki, 1989 (Species)
Brachionus novaezealandiae Morris, 1913 (Species)
Brachionus pinneenaus Koste, Shiel & Brock,1983 (Species)
Brachionus plicatilis Mller, 1786 (Species)
Brachionus plicatilis subsp. colongulaciensis Koste & Shiel, 1980 (Infraspecies)
Brachionus plicatilis subsp. plicatilis Mller, 1786 (Infraspecies)
Brachionus pseudonilsoni Sudzuki, 1992 (Species)
Brachionus pterodinoides Rousselet 1913 (Species)
Platyias (Genus)
Platyias quadricornis (Ehrenberg, 1832) (Species)
Platyias quadricornis subsp. andhraensis Dhanapathi, 1974 (Infraspecies)
Platyias quadricornis subsp. quadricornis (Ehrenberg, 1832) (Infraspecies)
Platyias leloupi Gillard, 1967 (Species)
Platyias latiscapularis Koste 1974 (Species)
Notholca (Genus)
Notholca haueri Thomasson, 1963 (Species)
Notholca cinetura Skorikov, 1914 (Species)
Notholca foliacea (Ehrenberg, 1838) (Species)
Notholca lamellifera Vassilijewa & Kutikova, 1969 (Species)
Notholca lamellifera subsp. lamellifera Vassilijewa & Kutikova, 1969 (Infraspecies)
Notholca lamellifera subsp. jashnovi Kutikova, 1986 (Infraspecies)
Notholca kozhovi Vassilijewa & Kutikova, 1969 (Species)
Notholca jasnitzkii Tikhomirov, 1927 (Species)
Notholca squamula (Mller, 1786) (Species)
Notholca angulata (Daday, 1913) (Species)
Notholca cornuta Carlin, 1943 (Species)
Notholca walterkostei Jos de Paggi, 1982 (Species)
Notholca walterkostei subsp. reducta Dartnall & Hollowday, 1985 (Infraspecies)
Notholca walterkostei subsp. walterkostei Jos de Paggi, 1982 (Infraspecies)
Notholca triarthroides Skorikov, 1903 (Species)
Notholca guidoi Battistoni, 1992 (Species)
Notholca gaigalasi Kutikova, 1970 (Species)
Notholca michiganensis Stemberger, 1976 (Species)
Notholca lyrata Tikhomirov, 1927 (Species)
Notholca tibetica Williams, 1991 (Species)
Notholca hollowdayi Dartnall, 1995 (Species)
Notholca laurentiae Stemberger, 1976 (Species)
Notholca caudata Carlin, 1943 (Species)
Notholca liepetterseni Bjorklund 1972 (Species)
Notholca labis Gosse, 1887 (Species)
Notholca labis subsp. labis Gosse, 1887 (Infraspecies)
Notholca labis subsp. rectospina Levander, 1901 (Infraspecies)
Notholca kostei Chengalath, 1978 (Species)
Notholca ikaitophila Srensen & Kristensen, 2000 (Species)
Notholca japonica (Marukawa, 1928) (Species)
Notholca beta Kutikova, 1986 (Species)
Notholca baikalensis Jaschnov, 1922 (Species)
Notholca angakkoq Srensen, 1998 (Species)
Notholca acuminata (Ehrenberg, 1832) (Species)
Notholca verae Kutikova, 1958 (Species)
Notholca olchonensis Tikhomirov, 1927 (Species)
Notholca salina Focke 1961 (Species)
Notholca salina subsp. dumonti De Ridder, 1980 (Infraspecies)
Notholca salina subsp. salina Focke, 1961 (Infraspecies)
Notholca psammarina Buchholz & Rhmann, 1956 (Species)
Notholca orbiculata Kutikova, 1986 (Species)
Notholca striata (Mller, 1786) (Species)
Notholca bipalium (Mller, 1786) (Species)
Dicranophoridae (Family)
Albertia (Genus)
Albertia naidis Bousfield 1886 (Species)
Albertia typhlina Harring & Myers, 1928 (Species)
Albertia ovagranulata Valovaya, 1991 (Species)
Albertia reicheltae Koste, 1970 (Species)
Albertia vermiculus Dujardin, 1938 (Species)
Albertia woronkowi Zenkewitsch, 1922 (Species)
Albertia crystallina Schultze, 1851 (Species)
Glaciera (Genus)
Glaciera schabetsbergeri Jersabek, 1999 (Species)
Kostea (Genus)
Kostea wockei (Koste, 1961) (Species)
Inflatana (Genus)
Inflatana pomazkovae Kutikova, 1985 (Species)
Dorria (Genus)
Dorria dalecarlica Myers, 1933 (Species)
Donneria (Genus)
Donneria sudzukii (Donner, 1968) (Species)
Erignatha (Genus)
Erignatha sagitta Harring & Myers, 1928 (Species)
Erignatha capula Harring & Myers, 1928 (Species)
Erignatha clastopis (Gosse, 1886) (Species)
Erignatha tenuidens (de Beauchamp, 1913) (Species)
Erignatha longidentata Srensen, 2001 (Species)
Erignatha sagittoides Wiszniewski, 1935 (Species)
Encentrum (Genus)
Encentrum otois Harring & Myers, 1928 (Species)
Encentrum gulo Wulfert 1936 (Species)
Encentrum kutikovae De Smet & Chernyshev, 2006 (Species)
Encentrum permutandum Tzschaschel, 1979 (Species)
Encentrum goldschmidi Jersabek, 1999 (Species)
Encentrum belluinum Harring & Myers, 1928 (Species)
Encentrum nikor (Pawlowski 1938) (Species)
Encentrum asellicola (Barto?, 1947) (Species)
Encentrum aquilus (Gosse 1887) (Species)
Encentrum flexile Godske Eriksen 1968 (Species)
Encentrum permolle (Gosse 1886) (Species)
Encentrum arenarium Althaus, 1957 (Species)
Encentrum spinosum Koch-Althaus, 1962 (Species)
Encentrum salsum Myers, 1936 (Species)
Encentrum bidentatum (Lie-Pettersen, 1906) (Species)
Encentrum pachypus Wulfert, 1936 (Species)
Encentrum hofsteni (de Beauchamp, 1913) (Species)
Encentrum dieteri De Smet, 1995 (Species)
Encentrum porsildi Srensen, 1998 (Species)
Encentrum torvitoides (Smirnov 1930) (Species)
Encentrum umbonatum Kutikova 1985 (Species)
Encentrum uncinatum (Milne 1886) (Species)
Encentrum wiszniewskii Wulfert, 1939 (Species)
Encentrum tenuidigitatum De Smet, 2000 (Species)
Encentrum limicola Otto, 1936 (Species)
Encentrum kostei Tzschaschel, 1978 (Species)
Encentrum graingeri Chengalath 1985 (Species)
Encentrum zetetum Harring & Myers, 1928 (Species)
Encentrum ussuriensis De Smet & Chernyshev, 2006 (Species)
Encentrum voigti Wulfert 1936 (Species)
Encentrum torvitum (Harring & Myers, 1928) (Species)
Encentrum tyrphos Wulfert 1936 (Species)
Encentrum villosum Harring & Myers 1928 (Species)
Encentrum valkanovi Althaus, 1957 (Species)
Encentrum walterkostei Jersabek 1994 (Species)
Encentrum tobyhannaense Myers 1940 (Species)
Encentrum moldavicum Sldecek, 1961 (Species)
Encentrum rapax Donner 1943 (Species)
Encentrum sutoroides Wulfert 1940 (Species)
Encentrum tectipes Remane 1949 (Species)
Encentrum eristes Harring & Myers 1928 (Species)
Encentrum minax Donner 1943 (Species)
Encentrum longirostrum Tzschaschel, 1978 (Species)
Encentrum obesum Tzschaschel, 1979 (Species)
Encentrum semiplicatum Wulfert, 1936 (Species)
Encentrum oculatum Harring & Myers 1928 (Species)
Encentrum saundersiae (Hudson, 1885) (Species)
Encentrum lacidum Harring & Myers, 1928 (Species)
Encentrum stechlinense Koch-Althaus, 1962 (Species)
Encentrum listensoides De Smet, 2000 (Species)
Encentrum listense Tzschaschel 1978 (Species)
Encentrum longipes Wulfert, 1936 (Species)
Encentrum longidens Donner, 1943 (Species)
Encentrum grande (Western 1891) (Species)
Encentrum incisum Wulfert 1936 (Species)
Encentrum insolitum Myers, 1936 (Species)
Encentrum kozminskii Wiszniewski, 1948 (Species)
Encentrum parvum Donner 1952 (Species)
Encentrum caratum Myers, 1933 (Species)
Encentrum boreale Harring & Myers, 1928 (Species)
Encentrum brevifulcrum Dartnall 1997 (Species)
Encentrum salinum Dartnall, 1997 (Species)
Encentrum carlini Myers, 1940 (Species)
Encentrum marinum (Dujardin, 1841) (Species)
Encentrum matthesi Remane, 1949 (Species)
Encentrum pornsilpi Segers & Chittapun, 2001 (Species)
Encentrum cruentum Harring & Myers 1928 (Species)
Encentrum desmeti Jersabek, 1999 (Species)
Encentrum diglandula (Zawadovsky, 1926) (Species)
Encentrum enteromorphae Otto 1936 (Species)
Encentrum elongatum Harring & Myers, 1928 (Species)
Encentrum eulitorale Tzschaschel 1978 (Species)
Encentrum eurycephalum Wulfert, 1936 (Species)
Encentrum felis (Mller, 1773) (Species)
Encentrum forcipatum Dartnall, 1997 (Species)
Encentrum fluviatile Wulfert, 1939 (Species)
Encentrum sorex Wulfert 1951 (Species)
Encentrum remanei Voigt, 1957 (Species)
Encentrum frenoti De Smet, 2002 (Species)
Encentrum gibbosum Wulfert 1936 (Species)
Encentrum glaucum Wulfert 1936 (Species)
Encentrum murrayi Bryce 1922 (Species)
Encentrum mustela (Milne 1885) (Species)
Encentrum myersi Wulfert 1936 (Species)
Encentrum nesites Harring & Myers, 1928 (Species)
Encentrum axi Tzschaschel, 1979 (Species)
Encentrum astridae Srensen, 2001 (Species)
Encentrum barti De Smet, 2000 (Species)
Encentrum arvicola Wulfert, 1936 (Species)
Encentrum striatum Althaus, 1957 (Species)
Encentrum sacculiforme Tzschaschel, 1978 (Species)
Encentrum sutor Wiszniewski 1936 (Species)
Encentrum algente Harring, 1921 (Species)
Encentrum alpinum Jersabek, 1999 (Species)
Encentrum putorius Wulfert 1936 (Species)
Encentrum psammophilum Althaus, 1957 (Species)
Encentrum simillimum Remane 1929 (Species)
Encentrum parime Harring & Myers, 1928 (Species)
Encentrum spatiatum Wulfert, 1936 (Species)
Encentrum acrodon Wulfert, 1936 (Species)
Encentrum orthodactylum Wulfert, 1936 (Species)
Encentrum oxyodon Wulfert 1936 (Species)
Encentrum martoides Fott 1960 (Species)
Encentrum martes Wulfert 1939 (Species)
Encentrum lutra Wulfert 1936 (Species)
Encentrum lupus Wulfert, 1936 (Species)
Encentrum mariae Koniar, 1957 (Species)
Encentrum mucronatum Wulfert 1936 (Species)
Encentrum rousseleti (Lie-Pettersen, 1906) (Species)
Dicranophoroides (Genus)
Dicranophoroides australiensis (Koste & Shiel 1980) (Species)
Dicranophoroides venezuelensis (Pourriot & Zoppi de Roa 1981) (Species)
Dicranophoroides claviger (Hauer 1965) (Species)
Dicranophoroides caudatus (Ehrenberg, 1834) (Species)
Aspelta (Genus)
Aspelta harringi Remane 1929 (Species)
Aspelta alastor Harring & Myers, 1928 (Species)
Aspelta aper (Harring, 1914) (Species)
Aspelta beltista Harring and Myers, 1928 (Species)
Aspelta bidentata Wulfert, 1961 (Species)
Aspelta europaea Hauer 1939 (Species)
Aspelta circinator (Gosse, 1886) (Species)
Aspelta clydona Harring & Myers, 1928 (Species)
Aspelta angusta Harring & Myers 1928 (Species)
Aspelta chorista Harring & Myers, 1942 (Species)
Aspelta curvidactyla Berzin?, 1949 (Species)
Aspelta egregia Myers, 1936 (Species)
Aspelta imbuta Harring & Myers, 1928 (Species)
Aspelta labri Harring & Myers, 1928 (Species)
Aspelta lestes Harring & Myers, 1928 (Species)
Aspelta intradentata Berzin?, 1949 (Species)
Aspelta pachida (Gosse 1887) (Species)
Aspelta macra Harring & Myers, 1928 (Species)
Aspelta psitta Harring & Myers 1928 (Species)
Aspelta tilba Koste & Shiel 1987 (Species)
Aspelta reibischi (Remane, 1929) (Species)
Myersinella (Genus)
Myersinella belodon (Harring & Myers, 1928) (Species)
Myersinella tetraglena (Wiszniewski, 1934) (Species)
Balatro (Genus)
Balatro fridericiae Kunst, 1954 (Species)
Balatro aciliatus (Radkewitsch, 1870) (Species)
Balatro calvus Claparde, 1867 (Species)
Balatro anguiformis Issel, 1904 (Species)
Dicranophorus (Genus)
Dicranophorus grypus Harring & Myers, 1928 (Species)
Dicranophorus facilis Kutikova, 1985 (Species)
Dicranophorus facinus Harring & Myers, 1928 (Species)
Dicranophorus aspondus Harring & Myers, 1928 (Species)
Dicranophorus sigmoides Wulfert, 1951 (Species)
Dicranophorus difflugiarum (Penard, 1914) (Species)
Dicranophorus tegillus Harring and Myers, 1928 (Species)
Dicranophorus pauliani Berzin?, 1982 (Species)
Dicranophorus colastes Harring & Myers, 1928 (Species)
Dicranophorus cambari Wulfert, 1957 (Species)
Dicranophorus capucinus Harring and Myers, 1928 (Species)
Dicranophorus biastis Harring and Myers, 1928 (Species)
Dicranophorus epicharis Harring and Myers, 1928 (Species)
Dicranophorus edestes Harring & Myers, 1928 (Species)
Dicranophorus bulgaricus Althaus, 1957 (Species)
Dicranophorus artamus Harring & Myers, 1928 (Species)
Dicranophorus sebastus Harring & Myers, 1928 (Species)
Dicranophorus kostei Pourriot & Zoppi de Roa, 1981 (Species)
Dicranophorus thysanus Harring and Myers, 1928 (Species)
Dicranophorus siedleckii Wiszniewski, 1953 (Species)
Dicranophorus spiculatus Myers, 1938 (Species)
Dicranophorus stultus Harring & Myers, 1928 (Species)
Dicranophorus secretus Donner, 1951 (Species)
Dicranophorus semnus Harring & Myers, 1928 (Species)
Dicranophorus mesotis Harring and Myers, 1928 (Species)
Dicranophorus luetkeni (Bergendal, 1892) (Species)
Dicranophorus minutes Myers, 1937 (Species)
Dicranophorus myriophylli (Harring, 1914) (Species)
Dicranophorus ponerus Harring & Myers, 1928 (Species)
Dicranophorus pennatus Harring & Myers, 1928 (Species)
Dicranophorus prionacis Harring & Myers, 1928 (Species)
Dicranophorus riparius Kutikova, 1985 (Species)
Dicranophorus proclestes Harring & Myers, 1928 (Species)
Dicranophorus robustus Harring & Myers 1928 (Species)
Dicranophorus rostratus (Dixon-nuttall and Freeman, 1902) (Species)
Dicranophorus saevus Harring & Myers, 1928 (Species)
Dicranophorus scotius Harring & Myers, 1928 (Species)
Dicranophorus liepolti Donner, 1964 (Species)
Dicranophorus hercules Wiszniewski 1932 (Species)
Dicranophorus isothes Harring & Myers, 1928 (Species)
Dicranophorus lenapensis Myers, 1938 (Species)
Dicranophorus leptodon Wiszniewski, 1934 (Species)
Dicranophorus hauerianus Wiszniewski 1939 (Species)
Dicranophorus halbachi Koste 1981 (Species)
Dicranophorus haueri Harring & Myers, 1928 (Species)
Dicranophorus grandis (Ehrenberg, 1832) (Species)
Dicranophorus strigosus Harring & Myers, 1928 (Species)
Dicranophorus esox Hauer, 1938 (Species)
Dicranophorus forcipatus (Mller, 1786) (Species)
Dicranophorus forcipatus subsp. forcipatus (Mller, 1786) (Infraspecies)
Dicranophorus forcipatus subsp. parvidentatus Berzin?, 1982 (Infraspecies)
Dicranophorus dolerus Harring & Myers, 1928 (Species)
Dicranophorus corystis Harring & Myers, 1928 (Species)
Dicranophorus alcimus Harring & Myers, 1928 (Species)
Streptognatha (Genus)
Streptognatha lepta Harring and Myers, 1928 (Species)
Pedipartia (Genus)
Pedipartia gracilis (Myers, 1936) (Species)
Parencentrum (Genus)
Parencentrum lutetiae (Harring & Myers 1928) (Species)
Parencentrum plicatum (Eyferth 1878) (Species)
Wierzejskiella (Genus)
Wierzejskiella ricciae (Harring, 1914) (Species)
Wierzejskiella marina Remane, 1949 (Species)
Wierzejskiella sabulosa (Wiszniewski, 1932) (Species)
Wierzejskiella elongata (Wiszniewski, 1932) (Species)
Wierzejskiella ambigua (Tzschaschel 1979) (Species)
Wierzejskiella subterranea Remane, 1949 (Species)
Wierzejskiella velox (Wiszniewski, 1932) (Species)
Wierzejskiella vagneri Koniar, 1955 (Species)
Paradicranophorus (Genus)
Paradicranophorus sinus De Smet, 2003 (Species)
Paradicranophorus wesenberglundi Srensen, 2001 (Species)
Paradicranophorus verae Bogoslovsky, 1958 (Species)
Paradicranophorus aculeatus (Neiswestnowa-Shadina, 1935) (Species)
Paradicranophorus hudsoni (Glascott, 1893) (Species)
Paradicranophorus sordidus Donner, 1968 (Species)
Wigrella (Genus)
Wigrella amphora (Remane, 1929) (Species)
Wigrella depressa Wiszniewski, 1932 (Species)
Clariaidae (Family)
Claria (Genus)
Claria segmentata Kutikova, Markevich & Spiridonov,1990 (Species)
Asciaporrectidae (Family)
Asciaporrecta (Genus)
Asciaporrecta hyalina (Wulfert, 1939) (Species)
Asciaporrecta arcellicola De Smet, 2006 (Species)
Asciaporrecta difflugicola De Smet, 2006 (Species)
Asplanchnidae (Family)
Asplanchnopus (Genus)
Asplanchnopus bhimavaramensis Dhanapathi, 1975 (Species)
Asplanchnopus multiceps (Schrank, 1793) (Species)
Asplanchnopus hyalinus Harring 1913 (Species)
Asplanchnopus dahlgreni Myers, 1934 (Species)
Harringia (Genus)
Harringia eupoda (Gosse, 1887) (Species)
Harringia rousseleti de Beauchamp, 1912 (Species)
Asplanchna (Genus)
Asplanchna girodi De Guerne 1888 (Species)
Asplanchna tropica Koste & Tobias, 1988 (Species)
Asplanchna silvestrii Daday, 1902 (Species)
Asplanchna sieboldii (Leydig, 1854) (Species)
Asplanchna intermedia Hudson 1886 (Species)
Asplanchna priodonta Gosse, 1850 (Species)
Asplanchna asymmetrica Shiel & Koste 1985 (Species)
Asplanchna herrickii De Guerne, 1888 (Species)
Asplanchna brightwellii Gosse, 1850 (Species)
Birgeidae (Family)
Birgea (Genus)
Birgea enantia Harring & Myers, 1922 (Species)
Bdelloidea (Order)
Adinetidae (Family)
Bradyscela (Genus)
Bradyscela clauda (Bryce, 1893) (Species)
Bradyscela granulosa De Koning, 1947 (Species)
Adineta (Genus)
Adineta barbata Janson, 1893 (Species)
Adineta gracilis Janson, 1893 (Species)
Adineta vaga (Davis, 1873) (Species)
Adineta vaga subsp. minor Bryce, 1893 (Infraspecies)
Adineta vaga subsp. rhomboidea Berzin?, 1950 (Infraspecies)
Adineta vaga subsp. vaga (Davis, 1873) (Infraspecies)
Adineta vaga subsp. major Bryce, 1893 (Infraspecies)
Adineta vaga subsp. tenuicornis Bryce, 1926 (Infraspecies)
Adineta grandis Murray, 1910 (Species)
Adineta elongata Rodewald, 1935 (Species)
Adineta ricciae Segers & Shiel, 2005 (Species)
Adineta cuneata Milne 1916 (Species)
Adineta acuticornis Haigh, 1967 (Species)
Adineta bartosi Wulfert, 1960 (Species)
Adineta glauca Wulfert 1942 (Species)
Adineta tuberculosa Janson 1893 (Species)
Adineta steineri Barto?, 1951 (Species)
Adineta oculata (Milne, 1886) (Species)
Adineta longicornis Murray, 1906 (Species)
Habrotrochidae (Family)
Habrotrocha (Genus)
Habrotrocha bulbosa Wulfert, 1961 (Species)
Habrotrocha angusticollis (Murray, 1905) (Species)
Habrotrocha angusticollis subsp. angusticollis (Murray, 1905) (Infraspecies)
Habrotrocha angusticollis subsp. attenuata (Murray, 1906) (Infraspecies)
Habrotrocha angusticollis subsp. alterversa Koste, 1970 (Infraspecies)
Habrotrocha angusticollis subsp. reversa Barto?, 1951 (Infraspecies)
Habrotrocha angusticollis subsp. monteti De Koning, 1947 (Infraspecies)
Habrotrocha calosa Wulfert, 1942 (Species)
Habrotrocha amphichlaena De Koning, 1947 (Species)
Habrotrocha lata (Bryce, 1892) (Species)
Habrotrocha lata subsp. lata (Bryce, 1892) (Infraspecies)
Habrotrocha lata subsp. paxi Wulfert, 1941 (Infraspecies)
Habrotrocha lata subsp. progonidia (Monart, 1918) (Infraspecies)
Habrotrocha lata subsp. lens Donner, 1965 (Infraspecies)
Habrotrocha leitgebii (Zelinka, 1886) (Species)
Habrotrocha minima De Koning, 1947 (Species)
Habrotrocha roeperi (Milne, 1889) (Species)
Habrotrocha modesta Barto?, 1963 (Species)
Habrotrocha filum Donner, 1949 (Species)
Habrotrocha flexicollis Barto?, 1963 (Species)
Habrotrocha collaris (Ehrenberg, 1832) (Species)
Habrotrocha elliptica Barto?, 1963 (Species)
Habrotrocha heinisi Barto?, 1951 (Species)
Habrotrocha fuscochlaena De Koning, 1947 (Species)
Habrotrocha placida Milne, 1916 (Species)
Habrotrocha maculata Murray, 1911 (Species)
Habrotrocha longula Bryce, 1915 (Species)
Habrotrocha parvipes Donner, 1951 (Species)
Habrotrocha valida Milne, 1916 (Species)
Habrotrocha tripus (Murray, 1907) (Species)
Habrotrocha trilobata Barto?, 1948 (Species)
Habrotrocha vicina Donner, 1980 (Species)
Habrotrocha visa Donner, 1954 (Species)
Habrotrocha tranquilla Milne, 1916 (Species)
Habrotrocha sylvestris Bryce 1915 (Species)
Habrotrocha thienemanni Hauer, 1924 (Species)
Habrotrocha thienemanni subsp. rubella Donner, 1951 (Infraspecies)
Habrotrocha thienemanni subsp. thienemanni Hauer, 1924 (Infraspecies)
Habrotrocha subtilis Donner, 1965 (Species)
Habrotrocha thermalis Pax & Wulfert, 1942 (Species)
Habrotrocha stenochlaena De Koning, 1947 (Species)
Habrotrocha strangulata Murray 1911 (Species)
Habrotrocha solitaria Donner, 1949 (Species)
Habrotrocha soror Donner, 1950 (Species)
Habrotrocha spicula Bryce, 1913 (Species)
Habrotrocha solida Donner, 1949 (Species)
Habrotrocha sollicita Donner, 1949 (Species)
Habrotrocha scepanotrochoides De Koning, 1947 (Species)
Habrotrocha serpens Donner, 1949 (Species)
Habrotrocha recumbens Barto?, 1963 (Species)
Habrotrocha rosa Donner, 1949 (Species)
Habrotrocha scabropyga Barto?, 1958 (Species)
Habrotrocha reclusa (Milne, 1886) (Species)
Habrotrocha quinquedens De Koning, 1947 (Species)
Habrotrocha quinquedens subsp. quinquedens De Koning, 1947 (Infraspecies)
Habrotrocha quinquedens subsp. doornensis De Koning, 1947 (Infraspecies)
Habrotrocha tridentata De Koning, 1947 (Species)
Habrotrocha stenostephana Schulte, 1954 (Species)
Habrotrocha rara Donner, 1949 (Species)
Habrotrocha tridens (Milne, 1886) (Species)
Habrotrocha tridens subsp. globigera Donner, 1950 (Infraspecies)
Habrotrocha tridens subsp. tridens (Milne, 1886) (Infraspecies)
Habrotrocha schultei Donner, 1965 (Species)
Habrotrocha bartosi Koniar, 1955 (Species)
Habrotrocha caudata Murray 1911 (Species)
Habrotrocha bidens (Gosse, 1851) (Species)
Habrotrocha brocklehursti Murray, 1911 (Species)
Habrotrocha baradlana Varga, 1963 (Species)
Habrotrocha aspera (Bryce, 1892) (Species)
Habrotrocha appendiculata Murray 1911 (Species)
Habrotrocha annulata (Murray, 1905) (Species)
Habrotrocha angularis (Murray, 1910) (Species)
Habrotrocha ampulla Murray 1911 (Species)
Habrotrocha alacris Milne 1916 (Species)
Habrotrocha acornis Murray, 1911 (Species)
Habrotrocha levis Donner, 1951 (Species)
Habrotrocha ligula Bryce 1913 (Species)
Habrotrocha ligula subsp. ligula Bryce, 1913 (Infraspecies)
Habrotrocha ligula subsp. loxoglotta De Koning, 1947 (Infraspecies)
Habrotrocha ligula subsp. aligula Burger, 1948 (Infraspecies)
Habrotrocha insignis Bryce, 1915 (Species)
Habrotrocha komareki Barto?, 1944 (Species)
Habrotrocha lamellata Barto?, 1951 (Species)
Habrotrocha longicalcarata Berzin?, 1950 (Species)
Habrotrocha longiceps (Murray, 1906) (Species)
Habrotrocha longicollis Barto?, 1963 (Species)
Habrotrocha praelonga De Koning, 1947 (Species)
Habrotrocha plana Milne, 1916 (Species)
Habrotrocha porrecta Berzin?, 1950 (Species)
Habrotrocha pertinax Milne, 1916 (Species)
Habrotrocha perforata (Murray, 1906) (Species)
Habrotrocha perforata subsp. americana (Murray, 1907) (Infraspecies)
Habrotrocha perforata subsp. perforata (Murray, 1906) (Infraspecies)
Habrotrocha pavida Bryce, 1913 (Species)
Habrotrocha novemdens De Koning, 1947 (Species)
Habrotrocha minuta (Murray, 1908) (Species)
Habrotrocha microcephala (Murray, 1906) (Species)
Habrotrocha megalocephala De Koning, 1947 (Species)
Habrotrocha mediocris Donner, 1951 (Species)
Habrotrocha puella Donner, 1950 (Species)
Habrotrocha puella subsp. excedens Donner, 1962 (Infraspecies)
Habrotrocha puella subsp. puella Donner, 1950 (Infraspecies)
Habrotrocha pulchra (Murray, 1905) (Species)
Habrotrocha pusilla (Bryce, 1893) (Species)
Habrotrocha pusilla subsp. pusilla (Bryce, 1893) (Infraspecies)
Habrotrocha pusilla subsp. nuda Donner, 1950 (Infraspecies)
Habrotrocha pusilla subsp. textrix (Bryce, 1897) (Infraspecies)
Habrotrocha munda Bryce, 1913 (Species)
Habrotrocha murrayi Barto?, 1951 (Species)
Habrotrocha fusca (Bryce, 1894) (Species)
Habrotrocha fuhrmanni Heinis, 1913 (Species)
Habrotrocha flava Bryce 1915 (Species)
Habrotrocha flaviformis De Koning, 1947 (Species)
Habrotrocha eremita (Bryce, 1894) (Species)
Habrotrocha elusa Milne, 1916 (Species)
Habrotrocha elusa subsp. elusa Milne, 1916 (Infraspecies)
Habrotrocha elusa subsp. vegeta Milne, 1916 (Infraspecies)
Habrotrocha elegans (Milne 1886) (Species)
Habrotrocha diarthrantenna De Koning, 1947 (Species)
Habrotrocha curvicollis Barto?, 1951 (Species)
Habrotrocha cuneata Murray, 1913 (Species)
Habrotrocha curva De Koning, 1947 (Species)
Habrotrocha cucullata Murray 1911 (Species)
Habrotrocha crenata (Murray, 1905) (Species)
Habrotrocha crenata subsp. crenata (Murray, 1905) (Infraspecies)
Habrotrocha crenata subsp. sphagnicola Pawlowski, 1938 (Infraspecies)
Habrotrocha constricta (Dujardin, 1841) (Species)
Habrotrocha crassa Donner, 1949 (Species)
Habrotrocha colliflectens Barto?, 1944 (Species)
Habrotrocha nodulata De Koning, 1947 (Species)
Habrotrocha nodosa Murray, 1911 (Species)
Habrotrocha gibbosa De Koning, 1947 (Species)
Habrotrocha gracilis Montet, 1915 (Species)
Habrotrocha gracilis subsp. quadridens Schulte, 1954 (Infraspecies)
Habrotrocha gracilis subsp. gracilis Montet, 1915 (Infraspecies)
Habrotrocha granulata De Koning, 1947 (Species)
Habrotrocha gulosa Milne, 1916 (Species)
Habrotrocha incola Barto?, 1951 (Species)
Habrotrocha humilis Schulte, 1954 (Species)
Habrotrocha iners Milne, 1916 (Species)
Otostephanos (Genus)
Otostephanos mundiformis De Koning, 1947 (Species)
Otostephanos kostei Donner, 1972 (Species)
Otostephanos macrantennus De Koning, 1947 (Species)
Otostephanos cuspidilabris De Koning, 1947 (Species)
Otostephanos jersabeki Koste, 1996 (Species)
Otostephanos donneri Barto?, 1959 (Species)
Otostephanos annulatus Koniar, 1955 (Species)
Otostephanos auriculatus (Murray, 1911) (Species)
Otostephanos auriculatus subsp. auriculatus (Murray, 1911) (Infraspecies)
Otostephanos auriculatus subsp. bilobatus Hauer, 1939 (Infraspecies)
Otostephanos torquatus (Bryce, 1913) (Species)
Otostephanos torquatus subsp. amoenus Milne, 1916 (Infraspecies)
Otostephanos torquatus subsp. torquatus (Bryce, 1913) (Infraspecies)
Otostephanos regalis Milne, 1916 (Species)
Otostephanos monteti Milne, 1916 (Species)
Scepanotrocha (Genus)
Scepanotrocha parva Schulte, 1954 (Species)
Scepanotrocha setifera Haigh, 1963 (Species)
Scepanotrocha semitecta Donner, 1951 (Species)
Scepanotrocha rubra Bryce 1910 (Species)
Scepanotrocha impexa Donner, 1962 (Species)
Scepanotrocha simplex De Koning, 1947 (Species)
Scepanotrocha corniculata Bryce, 1910 (Species)
Scepanotrocha galeata Milne, 1916 (Species)
Scepanotrocha delicata Donner, 1949 (Species)
Scepanotrocha haueri Donner, 1962 (Species)
Scepanotrocha haueri subsp. amota Donner, 1962 (Infraspecies)
Scepanotrocha haueri subsp. haueri Donner, 1962 (Infraspecies)
Philodinavidae (Family)
Abrochtha (Genus)
Abrochtha carnivora Ricci, Melone & Walsh,2001 (Species)
Abrochtha intermedia (de Beauchamp 1909) (Species)
Philodinavus (Genus)
Philodinavus paradoxus (Murray, 1905) (Species)
Philodinavus aussiensis Ricci, Shiel, Fontaneto & Melone,2003 (Species)
Henoceros (Genus)
Henoceros caudatus Hauer, 1938 (Species)
Henoceros falcatus (Milne, 1916) (Species)
Philodinidae (Family)
Zelinkiella (Genus)
Zelinkiella synaptae (Zelinka, 1888) (Species)
Ceratotrocha (Genus)
Ceratotrocha rodewaldi Donner, 1962 (Species)
Ceratotrocha velata Donner, 1949 (Species)
Ceratotrocha franzi Donner, 1949 (Species)
Ceratotrocha cornigera (Bryce, 1893) (Species)
Anomopus (Genus)
Anomopus chasmagnathi Mane-Garzon & Montero, 1973 (Species)
Anomopus telphusae Piovanelli, 1903 (Species)
Embata (Genus)
Embata commensalis (Western, 1893) (Species)
Embata hamata (Murray, 1906) (Species)
Embata laticornis (Murray, 1905) (Species)
Embata laticeps (Murray, 1905) (Species)
Embata parasitica (Giglioli, 1863) (Species)
Pleuretra (Genus)
Pleuretra africana Murray, 1911 (Species)
Pleuretra lineata Donner, 1962 (Species)
Pleuretra intermedia (Barto?, 1938) (Species)
Pleuretra proxima Barto?, 1963 (Species)
Pleuretra brycei (Weber, 1898) (Species)
Pleuretra hystrix Barto?, 1950 (Species)
Pleuretra humerosa (Murray, 1905) (Species)
Pleuretra alpium (Ehrenberg, 1853) (Species)
Pleuretra bovicornis Barto?, 1963 (Species)
Pleuretra costata Barto?, 1938 (Species)
Pleuretra triangularis Murray, 1913 (Species)
Pleuretra similis Barto?, 1963 (Species)
Pleuretra sulcata Barto?, 1950 (Species)
Pleuretra reticulata Milne, 1916 (Species)
Rotaria (Genus)
Rotaria macrura (Schrank, 1803) (Species)
Rotaria sordida (Western, 1893) (Species)
Rotaria sordida subsp. fimbriata (Murray, 1906) (Infraspecies)
Rotaria sordida subsp. sordida (Western, 1893) (Infraspecies)
Rotaria quadrangularis (Heinis, 1913) (Species)
Rotaria quadrioculata (Murray, 1902) (Species)
Rotaria tridens (Montet, 1915) (Species)
Rotaria spicata (Murray, 1902) (Species)
Rotaria tardigrada (Ehrenberg, 1832) (Species)
Rotaria trisecata (Weber, 1888) (Species)
Rotaria exoculis de Koning 1947 (Species)
Rotaria curtipes (Murray, 1911) (Species)
Rotaria neptunoida Harring 1913 (Species)
Rotaria mento (Anderson 1889) (Species)
Rotaria laticeps Wulfert 1942 (Species)
Rotaria magnacalcarata (Parsons, 1892) (Species)
Rotaria montana (Murray, 1911) (Species)
Rotaria murrayi Barto?, 1951 (Species)
Rotaria neptunia (Ehrenberg, 1832) (Species)
Rotaria ovata (Anderson, 1889) (Species)
Rotaria rotatoria (Pallas, 1766) (Species)
Rotaria rotatoria subsp. rotatoria (Pallas, 1766) (Infraspecies)
Rotaria rotatoria subsp. spongioderma Pax & Wulfert, 1941 (Infraspecies)
Rotaria rotatoria subsp. granularis (Zacharias, 1885) (Infraspecies)
Rotaria macroceros (Gosse, 1851) (Species)
Rotaria socialis (Kellicott, 1888) (Species)
Rotaria citrina (Ehrenberg, 1838) (Species)
Rotaria elongata (Weber, 1888) (Species)
Rotaria haptica (Gosse, 1886) (Species)
Philodina (Genus)
Philodina nitida subsp. nitida Milne, 1916 (Infraspecies)
Philodina nitida subsp. decens Milne, 1916 (Infraspecies)
Philodina striata Rodewald, 1937 (Species)
Philodina jeanelli de Beauchamp, 1940 (Species)
Philodina inopinata Milne, 1916 (Species)
Philodina gregaria Murray, 1910 (Species)
Philodina grandis Milne, 1916 (Species)
Philodina foissneri Koste, 1996 (Species)
Philodina eurystephana Schulte, 1954 (Species)
Philodina erythrophthalma Ehrenberg, 1832 (Species)
Philodina dobrogensis Rudescu, 1960 (Species)
Philodina cristata Donner, 1949 (Species)
Philodina duplicalcar (De Koning, 1947) (Species)
Philodina nemoralis Bryce, 1903 (Species)
Philodina indica Murray, 1906 (Species)
Philodina alata Murray, 1910 (Species)
Philodina childi Milne, 1916 (Species)
Philodina arndti Wulfert, 1961 (Species)
Philodina acuticornis Murray 1902 (Species)
Philodina acuticornis subsp. minor Pax & Wulfert, 1942 (Infraspecies)
Philodina acuticornis subsp. acuticornis Murray, 1902 (Infraspecies)
Philodina acuticornis subsp. odiosa Milne, 1916 (Infraspecies)
Philodina citrina Ehrenberg, 1832 (Species)
Philodina patula Milne, 1916 (Species)
Philodina proterva Milne, 1916 (Species)
Philodina roseola Ehrenberg, 1832 (Species)
Philodina flaviceps Bryce 1906 (Species)
Philodina convergens Murray, 1908 (Species)
Philodina tridentata Rodewald, 1935 (Species)
Philodina tranquilla Wulfert, 1942 (Species)
Philodina vorax (Janson, 1893) (Species)
Philodina rugosa Bryce, 1903 (Species)
Philodina rugosa subsp. rugosa Bryce, 1903 (Infraspecies)
Philodina rugosa subsp. callosa Bryce, 1903 (Infraspecies)
Philodina rugosa subsp. coriacea Bryce, 1903 (Infraspecies)
Philodina scabra Milne, 1916 (Species)
Philodina tenuicalcar De Koning, 1947 (Species)
Philodina squamosa Murray, 1906 (Species)
Philodina quadrata De Koning, 1947 (Species)
Philodina rapida Milne, 1916 (Species)
Philodina parvicalcar De Koning, 1947 (Species)
Philodina praelonga Milne, 1916 (Species)
Philodina plena (Bryce, 1894) (Species)
Philodina morigera Donner, 1949 (Species)
Philodina lepta Wulfert, 1950 (Species)
Philodina megalotrocha Ehrenberg, 1832 (Species)
Philodina australis Murray, 1911 (Species)
Philodina calceata Donner, 1970 (Species)
Philodina brevipes Murray 1902 (Species)
Philodina amethystina Barto?, 1951 (Species)
Philodina antarctica Murray, 1910 (Species)
Philodina americana Murray, 1913 (Species)
Didymodactylos (Genus)
Didymodactylos carnosus Milne 1916 (Species)
Macrotrachela (Genus)
Macrotrachela speciosa (Murray, 1907) (Species)
Macrotrachela nana (Bryce, 1912) (Species)
Macrotrachela nana subsp. nana (Bryce, 1912) (Infraspecies)
Macrotrachela nana subsp. laticeps De Koning, 1947 (Infraspecies)
Macrotrachela nana subsp. laticalcar De Koning, 1947 (Infraspecies)
Macrotrachela nana subsp. ligulata Schulte, 1954 (Infraspecies)
Macrotrachela musculosa (Milne, 1886) (Species)
Macrotrachela crucicornis (Murray, 1905) (Species)
Macrotrachela natans (Murray, 1906) (Species)
Macrotrachela obtusa Haigh, 1966 (Species)
Macrotrachela lepida (Murray, 1911) (Species)
Macrotrachela samali Barto?, 1948 (Species)
Macrotrachela smithi Milne 1916 (Species)
Macrotrachela pilousi Barto?, 1948 (Species)
Macrotrachela fungicola Garner, 1937 (Species)
Macrotrachela gracillima Donner, 1965 (Species)
Macrotrachela gunningi (Murray, 1911) (Species)
Macrotrachela hertzigana Koste, 1996 (Species)
Macrotrachela induta Donner, 1951 (Species)
Macrotrachela habita (Bryce, 1894) (Species)
Macrotrachela pinnigera (Murray, 1908) (Species)
Macrotrachela ambigua Donner, 1965 (Species)
Macrotrachela vanoyei Schepens 1954 (Species)
Macrotrachela angusta (Bryce, 1894) (Species)
Macrotrachela bilfingeri (Bryce, 1913) (Species)
Macrotrachela asperula (Murray, 1911) (Species)
Macrotrachela armillata (Murray, 1911) (Species)
Macrotrachela brevilabris De Koning, 1947 (Species)
Macrotrachela brevilabris subsp. brevilabris De Koning, 1947 (Infraspecies)
Macrotrachela brevilabris subsp. aliena Donner, 1964 (Infraspecies)
Macrotrachela pacifica (Murray, 1911) (Species)
Macrotrachela timida Milne, 1916 (Species)
Macrotrachela timida subsp. inquies Milne, 1916 (Infraspecies)
Macrotrachela timida subsp. timida Milne, 1916 (Infraspecies)
Macrotrachela insulana Donner, 1962 (Species)
Macrotrachela petulans Milne, 1916 (Species)
Macrotrachela labiata Donner, 1951 (Species)
Macrotrachela intermedia Schulte, 1954 (Species)
Macrotrachela macmilliani Milne, 1916 (Species)
Macrotrachela ligulata Haigh, 1965 (Species)
Macrotrachela libera Donner, 1949 (Species)
Macrotrachela libera subsp. libera Donner, 1949 (Infraspecies)
Macrotrachela libera subsp. alveolata Koniar, 1955 (Infraspecies)
Macrotrachela microcornis (Murray, 1911) (Species)
Macrotrachela mariae Barto?, 1938 (Species)
Macrotrachela magna Schulte, 1954 (Species)
Macrotrachela plicata (Bryce, 1892) (Species)
Macrotrachela plicata subsp. plicata (Bryce, 1892) (Infraspecies)
Macrotrachela plicata subsp. hirundinella (Murray, 1905) (Infraspecies)
Macrotrachela verecunda Milne, 1916 (Species)
Macrotrachela aculeata (Milne, 1886) (Species)
Macrotrachela serrulata (Murray, 1911) (Species)
Macrotrachela multispinosa Thompson 1892 (Species)
Macrotrachela multispinosa subsp. multispinosa Thompson, 1892 (Infraspecies)
Macrotrachela multispinosa subsp. brevispinosa (Murray, 1908) (Infraspecies)