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Key Name Authority Publication Category Notes Volume Page Extinct Homonym. Corr.
  ArachnoscaphulaHeller 1917Wien. ent. Ztg., 36, 48.Col1271NoNo
  CosmoscaphulaHeller 1920Arch. Naturgesch., 84, A8, 1918, 105.Col1852NoNo
  EpiscaphulaCrotch 1875Cistula ent., 1, 409.Col2269NoNo
  IsoscaphulaHeller 1920Arch. Naturgesch., 84, A8, 57, 82.Col2796NoNo
  ScaphulaFairmaire 1846Rev. Zool. (Soc. Cuv.), 9, 13; 1847, Ann. Soc. ent. France, (2) 4, 494.Hem(See Tristan Kirkaldy 1901.)4124YesNo
  ScaphulaScudder 1882Nomen. zool., Suppl. List, 300 [n.n.].Moll (Gastr.).(Megerle MS)4124YesNo
  ScaphulaSwainson 1840Treat. Malacol., 322.Moll (Gastr.).4124YesNo
  ScaphulaBenson 1834Proc. zool. Soc. London, 2, 91.Moll (Lam.).4124YesNo
  ScaphulariaHaeckel 1896Syst. Phylog. Wirbell. Thiere, 2, 365.Echin (Larval).4124NoNo
  TristanKirkaldy 1901Entomologist, 34, 6.Hem(n.n. pro Scaphula Fairmaire 1846)4568NoNo
  TropidoscaphulaHeller 1920Arch. Naturgesch., 84, A8, 1918, 56.Col4581NoNo
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